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Vertical Prose

1 June 1978
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i lost my last few written journals... but i've been writing to myself since i was 14... so maybe now it's time i write to myself in front of people... this isn't necessarily for you... but i thrive on conversation.. even if it is only with 1600 strangers.
-- feel free to ask or say what you will
... i'm also going to be adding old writings



i've been writing in this thing a while now
and i've noticed i have a habit of getting caught up in life and then going back a week later and back-dating a lot of writings that happened in that time frame... so be aware that the past changes sometimes.
apparently, when i back date things like that
they don't show up on the friend's page
so if you haven't seen anything from me in a while
it's best to just look at my journal directly if you want to see what's been happening

i've also started adding more friend's entries
so if you read my journal regularly
and you haven't got an account yourself yet
i suggest you sign up and add me as a friend
leave a comment asking to be friended
and i probably will

i'm born june first, 1978 in indianapolis indiana at 13:55
i lived outside of a small town called "Zionsville" til i was 17 (moving once, when i was 10)

i've been travelling round since 1995
and people keep asking me to tell my tales
well, here you go...

i started this journal at the begining of 2004
-- anything before that in the Archives has been back-dated and entered from my files
the majority of it is personal emails that i saved because i liked what i was writing
-- as memorabilia along my path
some of it, however, was meant to be read by anyone...
: feel free to comment on it if you read something that strikes you...
in any time frame: it's all right here.

dominicvine @ gmail.com

remove the distance to make a connection

--- please elicit or comission writings
it would be a welcome exercise

and i've seen this on a few other pages
and like the idea
always good to be open to such things:

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