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Sexual Advice

i was cruising through craigslist yesterday
and found some guy asking sexual advice
he seemed to be straight
but asking the queer men what to do about premature ejaculation
i wrote this to him
then thought it would be good to post in the main page for people to read
then thought it might be good to post here...

Re: Seeking Sexual Advice (how to stay hard longer...)

Reply to:
Date: 2005-07-18, 1:00PM EDT

i just wrote this to that guy
and thought it'd be helpful to post it to the community

-- when i was 12
the first kid i played with had a bigger dick and took a lot longer to cum than i did
it pissed me off
so i set about learning to change it...

found something in a book that's really helped:

do you know the perineum muscle?
it's the muscle at the base of your pelvis
between your asshole and your cock
when you're pissing
you can feel it:
contract it to stop the flow
or squeeze out that last drop.

that muscle is the muscle that gets your dick hard as well
and if you learn to control it and strengthen it
you can use it to keep from cumming..

contract it and hold it for about 3 seconds
then let it go.

do this all day.
on the train
at the desk

anytime you're sitting and have some time to do it
focused or not:
that will build up the strength of the muscle
and after you've gotten good at that
practice holding it as long as you can... so you can see the actual increase of your strength

but to really benifit
you should go study Kundali Yoga for a while

in yoga
that muscle is called the MulaBhanda
it's the base of your vital (and sexual) energy
when you have a good relationship with that muscle through the contractions
you can start working breath into it :
inhale --= hold, release the breath..
or, hold, inhale... then release and exhale..
both do different things: feel it out...
either way, it's good to learn and feel it out
it's very important to breathe very deeply when you're having sex... a lot of guys pant...
when you breathe into the orgasm
it lasts longer and is much more fulfilling
and if you are in good control of your mulabhanda
you can keep fucking After you cum
coz your dick will stay hard

and it's so much fun to fuck a hole filled with your juice!

hope that helps...
if you have any questions
feel free to ask

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