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them clients

i feel like i've had a good connection with god lately..
i was sitting around yesterday and said
"i need to get some massage work, i need to make some money"
and three people called me in a row to set up appointments.

one that night
two the next day
then i set up another with a regular...

while working on the first last night
i remembered how much i LOVE giving massages
but that i shouldn't give three in a day..

when i was finished
my first client of the next day had called and cancelled...


=== instant manifestation [: be careful]

the next morning i woke early and headed out to Jamaica to attend a reformed Hindu ritual and service
the preacher had found me on the massage site
and was interested in meeting me
i felt out of place there...
the only one not wearing a kurpa
the only one not Indian...
but it was an interesting experience

i was so tired
not having slept much
i smiled at everyone
enjoyed the Namaste's they all bestowed--
the preacher introduced me to the entire congregation as "a yogi"

as the crowd thinned
i found a corner to lie in sivasana
die out and rest...

he woke me as everyone was gone
and we went to his room to talk...

eventually he asked for a massage
and i got him to strip
cute little man
i massaged his back..
i could tell he'd never had that...
so then i cuddled with him
he got sexual
so i got into that energy with him
after he'd cum
i curled up with him
and held him for a while
talking with him

he dodged my lips when i kissed as his
"i've never kissed a man"
but i kept doing it...
he blinked his big eyes at me
"you are SO full of love!"

he paid me a bit "for my time"
and i ran to my other client...

had the same birthday as my regular client i was to see afterwards
November 30th...
which is pretty much a perfect opposition to my sun.

we fell through the massage
with his eyes so heavy and longing on me
into sex
the whole time i felt dissapointed and uncomfortable
i didn't want to have sex
though he was a handsome man..
i just wanted to massage him...

when it was over
i left tired and unhappy..
& a message on my phone from Frank Martin telling me he'd just seen my very Loud Cum Shot in the new Bear Party video
i bought some Adana Kebab and Lebni
and got on the train up to central park
crawled into the forest
and sat with a tree
(i feel like i want to cry)
it took everything
it gave me everything
such an exquisite lover
is set me on my feet again
and i set off to my regular client...

the massage was going along as usual
nice conversation
nice work
then , second arm, we were quiet
and i conjured up the magic...

he started shivering
the rest of the massage
he was undulating
he was whimpering
it was amazing
he was so fucking high after the massage
nothing particularly sexual about the massage
but he said it felt like he kept orgasming coninually

he gave me a $100 tip...

i walked back into the park
and thanked the trees before i went back to the apartment...

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