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Vertical Prose

July 2nd, 2005

Tempering @ 12:35 pm


i met Ross at the airport alright (wednesday)
my plane was about 20 minutes late
his was about 30 minutes late

it all worked out enough that i could post to my LJ from Jet Blue's free WiFi
then walk over to Terminal 7
meet him
wait for bags
then catch a cab to 79 clinton
then rush directly out the door
up to Times Square

--- i don't spend much time in Times Square...
but it was much more fun being there with a Tourist friend...
and going to see a Show!

we went to see "The Pillowman"
having seen three of the main actors in many movies
i was instantly endeared to the piece
it was funny
witty, intelligent, blah blah
the main theme (that i received) was about what responsibilities we have for the art we make...
how it came to be made... how it might help us... but what consequences it has on those who partake in it...

reminded me of a lot of my feelings about the beautiful written and horribly depressing books i read in highschool
Kafka, Wasser, Grombrowicz, Schultz, Camus, Satre...

it certainly left me feeling a bit shock
horror, violence-- gratuitous
and then a kinda desperate ending
but OK
ok ok...

we ate at better burger
and came home.

Ross is 56
from australia
and has been travelling around the US since Junaury 16th or so
he won't be home again til January 24th of next year
and i know how exhausting it can be
so he spent almost the entirety of the next day in bed
but for a few hours
where we watched
The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Bridgett watched it with us
and it was great to have her there
she laughed at all these parts i forgot were funny

it still brought lots of tears to my eyes
perhaps even more than before
... such loss... nothing to do about it.
such mistakes... so human.

a new thought on this viewing
(and something i've been thinking about a lot anyway)
: the crazy tricks we pull on ourselves to keep our selves split up into genders...
the gender difference...
the soul-mate schism..
He has her in his life to complete all of these parts of himself he's too shy... to embarrassed to own and empower himself with
this happens in most relationships: gay or straight
in one way or another

is that sad?
not sad...
no.. not necessary
fun... i guess
in that human kinda way
but it ties karma up so much (as Chango said..)
when we're with a partner and tie our karma with theirs
it makes us personally responsible for every action They make as well
yes, two souls together

for us imperfect folk
it's twice the pain

let it



we then walked around SoHo
i felt good being the tour guide
then took the train up to Times Square again to see

Which was OK...
it made me feel defensive and scared and frustrated
the way Church does...

but i liked how it presented church as a place where the working man has time to think about his life
(instead of just sweat through it)
and share a common bond with his neighbours...
being in Faith... or Doubt.

i took the story to mostly be about intollerance for homosexuals in the catholic church:
the Mother Superior's main motive for getting rid of the priest is not that he DID do something
but that she could tell he's "That Way" and therefore Unfit to be in Service
and she worked like the devil to get rid of him

"in working for God you have to step away from God sometimes to make things right"
-- she justified her lying

i dunno
it struck a vulnerable chord with me.

and after that
Ross and i took the bus back down town
he went back to 79 clinton
and i invited Bridget out to see
Apostle of Hustle
an off-shoot of Broken Social Scene
same lead guitarist/singer.

it was a great show
there was a girl doing flamenco dancing as part of the percussion for a few songs!

then B and i walked around the LES
with the hipster kids
-- it felt alright.

that was the first night i've worn my new glasses...
it was interesting
everything warps at the edges
kinda gave me a headache
but i like the way they feel.. i like being able to see the detail again.

the next day
Ross and i also spend most of the day in bed
then i spent quite a few hours up-loading more old writings to my LJ
stuff from 2003 and 2002
emails i sent to individuals and stuff i wrote for friends in general
-- couldn't find a few of the things i was looking for
and i feel like there is so much more should be included...

i like the idea of making this my definative digital journal
-- filling it with my writings from the past as well.

i meant to spent the night watching another movie
but couldn't get my computer to work the way i wanted it to
and got distracted with widgets and playing with other things
stayed up til three

now it's time to head up to the gardens and see how they're doing...
a little time in the dirt...

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Date:July 26th, 2005 02:28 am (UTC)

Doubt: Cherry Jones

aside, FYI Cherry Jones, who plays Sister Aloysius in Doubt is an OUT Lesbian. I worked with her in the past and she is a real sweety. I don't think she would have worked on something overtly homophobic (not that your saying that), she is accomplished enough as an actress having won Tony's for her Broadway performances to be selective about the work she does.
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Date:July 26th, 2005 02:32 pm (UTC)

Re: Doubt: Cherry Jones

i don't think the piece was homophobic...

our country and the church in it?
but the play was a study
and a reflection of life:

i feel that gay men belong in the priesthood
be it in church
or in every-day-life (i'm not really an advocate of Religion... but Different Strokes, right?)
gay men Can minister to Straights in a very usefull an necessary way:

"Straigh" ideals tend to follow prescribed ideas:
what is being offered: BUY IT!
what is "right" : Follow it!

gay men aren't in that.
were're not.
we can't be.
by our very nature- we are outside of, or around, or moving differently somehow
through the flow

it gives us a perspective that we can share to those more immersed (thus blind) to some of the details and workings...

the fact that "the church" denies loving and mentoring to young men (be they gay or bi or what the fuck ever) because of this insane fear of homosexuality
is just very sad.
sad sad sad.
and frustrating

i felt it was a comment on society:

the church, i feel, was CREATED with this in place
(as many things in society were created with certain intentions)
mostly unspoken...
of course..

and as we grow older and more senile
we start taking the heart out of the beast
and still asking it to dance

that's the whole subtext
it made me sad and frustrated

she did what she did from some internal compulsion
and then still
her intuition... or god... or whatever
said "are you sure you did the right thing?"

she was still in doubt.
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Date:July 26th, 2005 02:54 pm (UTC)

Re: Doubt: Cherry Jones

Well I haven't even seen the show. I just felt the need to represent for Cherry, because she is really a great individual.

I agree with you about gay men being more actively involved in positions of power and authority in religion. I think the presence of homosexuals would strengthen organized religion.

I am not an advocate of religion in its orgnaized form I much prefer personal spirituality (personal JESUS, thank you depeche). I believe your relationship with *od, goddess, spirits, buddah or what have you, should be a very personal thing and personal journey.

I can't remember which culture I was reading about, I think in may have been the indigenious people of the Americas, but I think they revered the two-spirited people in their community and recognized their power. I think we need to get back to our basics and realize that homosexuality is a part of our early beginning and there is power in embracing both parts of our sexual energy.

But Dominick, your verbal wit and writing is stronger then mine, (your magick is stronger then my magick), at least in this kind of discussion, but I don't think we are disagreeing. I just felt a need to represent for Cherry and also to attempt to connect to your vastness with even the humblest attempt. :)
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Date:July 26th, 2005 07:42 pm (UTC)

Re: Doubt: Cherry Jones


awww, dude...

it's cool..

Vertical Prose