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i'm too tired for this shit

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Subject: i'm too tired for this shit
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 19:46:19 -0800

But i'm going to try it anyway

going to stand in a dark room
head against the shoulder of some strange man i do know
as he listens to me tell him about my feelings towards dark rooms and
europe's penchant for cramming in the sex and cutting out the intimacy.

the back room of the argos
and i'm talking about down stairs
behind the drag-curtain of the brick wall
has two red lights that pulse like a heart beat
perhaps a heart that is dying...

... or some strange alien parasite
as it sucks out yr life.

perhaps i was just feeling that way
very tired

very tired!
good to see the moon is shrinking
why is the moon so beautiful?

"you know the sun is sometimes
eclipsed by the moon"
i remembed tonight while in the bar
kissing someone
and thinking of how the ego can be subjugated by desire&emotion.

i was very happy about this correlation
and thought of flies on walls
mostly bar flies.

beautiful occasions
sweet and subtle scottish man
name of my father
but much more in his heart
------------- in his innocence
------------- in his truth

yeah, looks much better without glasses
yeah, mouth would be less sharp
soft and fuzzy
i kept trying to tell him there was no need to be nervous
but it guess i was judging him the whole time

sometimes i cannot help it.

i cannot tell you all about it
just these little bits
coz the walk home can take forever
even if you're not stoned

and the bit about thomas
which i am glad to remember now
german man
after i left
being too tired
i found him in the eagle
and played a game for a minute or two
and then stepped into place where i must needed to be
and it is about being strong and desirous
definately, they really respect that
that turns them on
fire turns on a city of wooden houses
but not too much...

german man
i could met him
could run into him

happy to have made the connexion

i love massage

"thank you for these things"

happy to have played the course
and grabbed the goal
and asked and recieved
thank you

beautiful nipples and cock and face and eyes
beautiful eyes
beautiful furriness

beautiful furriness all over the place
a dime a dozen, i guess
so, beautiful skin too

but soft blond fur?!
well, it's quite nice, Germany

now abba will sing me to sleep
on my long walk home.

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