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Re: Thanks...

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Subject: Re: Thanks...
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 09:40:13 -0800

the night unfolded nice
found a library to quite myself away in and read my book
play with my beard...

went to the internet cafe
and ate a bon bon
while typing type typing
so the Web was alcohol and kids
and being un-gracefully hit on by a big ole brute from SF
of course
is this what i ask for?
or just one of the things i'm open to?

it was fun
they all went home
SF with a trick
martijn with himself
catching the last tram
so i walked up stairs and looked through the meat
stood in a corner
my favourite album
one of the millions:
Dead can Dance: "into the labrynth"
could have been nothing more fitting
but i just stood and watched
a small conversation
a man gave me a sache of tobacco
smoke smoke
bon bon full on
when i walked down stairs
saw a beautiful boy with a full red beard
very kind
but when he kissed me
i felt my virtue taken from me

how much they would like to stuck me in their web
suck me in their web
but last night was not the night
i am not so sexually silly as i once was
and walked home
light rain and cold night air
the occasional stop
at a place to get shwarmas
plates of veggies and lamb bits
and that was very nice and all
and the second one i ate there
and walked out with out paying
the man yelled "FRIEND!?"
and i turned back around and dug out some cash
' oh sorry sorry sorry '

onward i walked

crash in my dell
very nice
no coffee today
no coffee tomorrow
by sunday
i should be somewhat chill

i will see you then
i'll call you at about 10:30

thank you, dear boy
i enjoyed running around with you greatly
felt like two kidds
and i went back to waterstones and got that CD the boy Marco made for
what little joys
and joys
and joys


see ya
and the forest


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