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Vertical Prose

July 2nd, 2005

solitaire @ 01:21 am

Current Music: Sleepwalking Ballad-Apostle of Hustle-Folkloric Feel


i've been having trouble winning games

it's just not as easy...
like it should be.

i keep getting the cards i want
after it's too late

can only turn that deck over so many times.

Here at the house where Dani came when he was 15
maybe we'd be friends
if i'd played my cards right
he'd be here hanging out with me

here in New York City
if only before i'd played the cards that played out my relationship with Eli
somehow shifted the time
to be here before he left.

-- i want a lover at my finger tips
a lover of body and soul
mouth and ear
the mind
the heart

i'm turning over the deck
flicking through the cards
and they just aren't what i need.

-- s'alright
there's always something beautiful (and un-related) commin' round the corner...

Off to Peru in November, yeah
San Francisco in August
with the wind
India in August?
India in December?


--- i was telling him about how i have to have faith
have to
it's what i got...
he said i've got amazing confidance
says i talk it true
from my heart
found a world view that works for me

Yeah, yeah it's true

but i've got my doubts...
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Date:July 2nd, 2005 03:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah, yeah it's true

but i've got my doubts...

Always so great to find one of your straight out of your heart poems
make MY heart feel, well,,, you know when you feel your dick first getting hard?... same thing, only in my heart...
you know what I mean? if you do you do...
besos-y-abrazos... todo-los-dias

Vertical Prose