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Re: eurofaerie Interview

Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 09:51:23 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: eurofaerie Interview
To: "Coco Pierre" <cocopierre2000@>

i have been away from the computer for a few weeks
on a commune
and at the rainbow gathering
but here we go:

you can use the pictures Jan took of me
but which ones?
the term "buttman" makes me suspicious...
please don't use the one of me lying on my back holding my legs showing
my asshole
it is so un'couth
jan took many

answers follow:
--- Coco Pierre <cocopierre2000@> wrote:
> Dear Vyne/Dominic-
> I was just able to get your email address from Annelize/jan and
> DeeTour/Joost both in Amsetrdam. I am doing our (the Eurofaeries’)
> Newsletter "The MarieposaZeitung" from here in Berlin.
> Ive decided that I like the Photos that Annelize did with you in
> Masterdam
> and would like to use You as this issues’ ‘Buttman" (the Buttpage is
> the
> last page rather than a centerfold)
> I would like with this some words from you so that we can make that
> subject-subject connection.
> So perhaps a brief interview and series of questions and your anwers
> might
> be good fun.
> So.. who are you and how old do you think you are?

i have often found that people see me as very masculine
old and wise... long beard...
or very childish: a little boy
though some see me as a strong woman
a friend said he could clearly see all three personalities in me.
who am i?
i often describe myself as a door that many spirits use
my ego being the focal point that is crazy enough to let it happen
allow for the openness and translation
i am who i am with whomever i am with
whereever i am with
changing quiet constantly
depending on what needs to be said and heard
when i am on my own
i am sometimes a little animal
blissed out and supported by nature
when i am alone in cities
i am a hungry ghost
or street jesus
or angel
or kid...
just a kid.

> What has been the pull from your roots in usa to come to Europe?

well, i have no roots in the USA
i blow around a lot because of that
from tree to tree...
in a way
i am hoping to find my roots here.
in the one year i lived in england when i was 17
i experienced the strongest "rooted" feeling i have ever had in my life
manifesting in secure root ways like:
being very creative in physical ways
painting, cooking, drawing, sculpting, acting, singing
more so than ever before or since.
these gifts resonating in my genes are what i am searching for in
but MORE importantly
i am here to get a clearer perspective on myself
and on America
--- most of the peole in america are europeans, after all
and learning what craziness they left
their reasons
and their desires
helps me know what to do with them all
(and myself)
when i return
as well as Europe is much more mature
which in a way is stifling
but is very comforting too
there is a stable conscious/unconsciousness that exists here that i
have never felt in america
that which i am open to learn and feel
making myself a more full and capable person/traveller/window

> what have you enjoyed in this shift?

finding myself totally lost and feeling alien
then to find friends who recognize me
( i mean deeply )
and show me the home in myself that i hadn't been recognizing

> What places have given you a sense of center?

Germany, for some odd reason, constantly made me feel safe and
as did Switzerland
(perhaps this relates to "der Himmel ober Berlin" (correct the spelling
please), the film by Wim Wenders, which i watched a million times as a
teenager and resonates saftey and security in me...)
the german language makes me love christianity for some reason
makes me want to be a monk...
sing all day in devotion...

everywhere else has been scary and amazing and beautiful
but not centering.

> Who have you met along the way and how does faerieness enter into
> your and
> their life?

my arrival in europe was fairy land
mostly there i was surrounded by faeries
i only entered into the RFs in america two years ago
and though i love it
having been a faery my whole life
i don't often get into big groups

the faes in Amsterdam reminded me how loving and supportive brothers of
the spirit and flesh can be (if you know what i mean) and i am so
greatful to them for that
they also reminded me, contextually, of how difficult things are if you
try too hard, something i constantly work with.
when i left Amsterdam
i moved into the more conservative work-a-day parts of europe
on down
and most of the men (gays , of course) i dealt with were more "bearish"
(as is my "type")
showing them the magick
and seeing their own magick (mundane, but beautiful)
helped me combine the two
the magick of faes
and the magick of simplicty.

for the last month and a half i have been around all straight kids and
shining my own unique magick that being a homosexual magickal boy
allows me
which enriches so many around me
and i am glad of

still, i am curious

what do these straight people think they are doing


> Your now cooking in tuscany? for who and how did that come about?

i was cooking dinner every other night for a family, of sorts, in
tuscany, yes.
i knew a german girl i met on a mountain top in america before i left
magick, you know, it hapens all the time.
she told me about this place, Avalon, the same time another german girl
i left there
did some rainbow gathering
and then went to stay with a boy i met (straight) at Heartwood in
northern california (where the Billies (a more level group, but similar
to faes... much cross-over) gather for new year's) where i started
cooking for groups.
i cooked with him at a nature preserver/resturant/farm outside of
...for a while

a friend from america just went crazy and flew to europe to find me
so i will probably grow wings and unite with him for a few weeks
before he returns to his mundane strange reality back in america.

in fact, i am catching a train in a few hours for Slovakia...

> Did you like Masterdam? germanY?France?

amsterdam is the most beautiful city i have ever been in.. .it forced
me (OUCH) to deal with my issues of instant pleasure and cheap highs.
i learned a lot.
germany was a land of angels and mountains... something i missed in
Holland ( LOVE! )
and france made me uncomfortable.. like i was a clumbsy dirty child...
but the beautfy overwhelmed me.
switzerland worked well...
i made 800 euros in two weeks
many beautiful people
but i had to be serious and professional about it
i laughed a lot
and was naked and swimming and playing around every sunny day i was
italy, so far, is beautiful
and hilarious
i am in love with it
but don't know my place
having had no sex here
it is like my feet are floating off the ground
though i was just rolling around in the mud at the rainbow gathering.

overall, europe is asking me to be less of a fool and more of an adult
but still begging me to play the jester.
the myriad of teachers i am seeing is alchemically helping me refine
polished stone.
it's about time.

meanwhile, my hair grows longer and wilder...

> Has adventure been different in Europe than in usa?

i have been mostly living in the west coast of the USA for the last few
any imagination has manifested instantly and things just work out all
the time, no stress.
europe has been TOUGH
but much more worth it, i feel
that is
harder earned
but more rich.
the language barrier has made me more quiet
write much more
and taught me some amazing things
yes yes, much different than america
not so easy
but so much more... Real.

> Have faeries been different as well and how the same or different
> from
> your perspective?

the faes are different, yes.
mostly, in america, i find the faeries exist in the american context of
the land of dreams
where anything wished for can be had
though we are constantly learning the price of living in dreams
there are many monsters there
and no telling what will really happen when we wake up.
the faes i have met here are much more grounded
and in a way
it is more painful for them...
in america
i was used to seeing people who did not resonate that pain in their
everyday lives
more in the heartcircle.
my fae friends in amsterdam
especially the ones who have spent a lot of time and energy on
have hard-core manifestations they deal with EVERY DAY
once again
i repeat
--- everything in europe seems much more based in reality

part of magic of the faes is their crazy imagination
so i see more painful crashes here
(as things manifest harder)

and also see more fulfilling creations...

i haven't seen a fae in months now!
i look forward to reconnecting with them.

> Are you a Bottom or a Top or an equal opportunity lover?

my natural energy keeps me pretty much a Top
as it where
i am quite active
yet if someone matches me in my energy
i like to be rolled on my back
but it is difficult for me to just OPEN up...
i find that is very important in balancing my female side
but only want to really be a bottom with people i trust
getting INSIDE me
so i am taking it slow

any good teachers out there?

and i am not an equal oppurtunity lover, unfortunately
i used to have sex with EVERYONE
boys, men, girls...
but i stopped haveing sex with girls quite a while ago
boys too
not i am pretty focused on a TYPE
: older furry men of size and strength
which someone frustrates me
because when i meet beautiful people with other bodies
i just have no interest going to a sexual level with them anymore

i hope this phase will pass
but i am doing what i can to learn from why my desire leads me this way
being true to it...

> and how did you know?

and how did i know...
just life...
i know nothing.

> Aside from dick what else do you eat? are you a vegan?

i eat everything and anything.
i like being open to experience new things
as i said
i have learned that some things just don't turn me on
so after a few times
i will ususally gracefully decline
if i can

however... i did eat raw liver from a still steaming body of a lamb
last year...

> Do you pay homage to, the goddess, the god, the spirits, the sciences
> or
> just yourself?

JUST myself?
well, all gods.
i treat gods(esses) as my friends.
everyone i meet i greet as a god
regaurdless if they think themselves of it or not.
i often thank manifestions as they come up and i am aware of them
as the earth and other gods working with my own energy
and sometime i do my best to just get out of the way and let other
spirits use me
trying is the problem...

i used to be very connected to many sciences and philosophies
so still access that reality at times

generally, i do my best to keep my reality flexible

appreciating all that i can.

> So tell us something about the virtues of’ve got it all
> over.

Feels So GOOD.
to have
to be rubbed against
to raise on end when excited
to hold scent in
to get caught in the teeth!

and it's the best organic recording device i have found.

> Would you like eurofaerie newsletter readers to see any links you
> prefer
> of you or other things and guys/gals?


see here
that is my current self-votex on line
i will update it as that progresses.

> Your now doing perhaps the chicest thing on MTV these days by being
> the
> nomad, whats that about? was the usa also a place of journey?

yeah, i have always been a trend setter... MTV is always copying me.
in fact, i was shocked that people have been treating me like i am rich
and cool here in europe... where in america they treated me mostly like
i was poor and not something to look at ( i am talking about in city
a friend in Zuerich told me i am following understated fashion trends
who knew?

i did not really choose much of what i am
it is just the only way i can live and not be miserable all the time.
i like looking strange to get people's attention
i like living my dreams and desires... i like setting a good best i can.

i left indiana at 17 went to England
quickly quit school an started travelling because the trains were so
good and i wanted to SEE It
upon returning to america
i realized i hadn't seen any of it
so decided to travel for a year
as is my pattern
all my plans fell through
and i have just been travelling since.
yes, america is a big part of the journey
i am glad i have got to see so much there
and now.. i am learning about europe
i know not what next

it is just my life.

> What question would you like to be asked? ask it and send me the
> answer.

i think you have asked plenty, mister
and i have answered plenty...
there will be plenty more..

> Kisses and Hisses from Berlin,
> Cococpierre
> PS aside from this eMail address and your nomadic existance this is
> the
> only real working address for you?


> =====
feel free to edit this as you need to
send me a copy so i can see what it turned out as

it was fun thinking about these things you asked



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