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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 10:43:10 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: empty tea-cup
To: chadventure@
i have not read
The Gift
by Hafiz
but i know well about tea-cup-talks-of-God
God? Love?
difference is?
Good? Love?
God? Lover?
Hmm, anyway
i think i know a poem of the same theme by rumi
i heard it in my dreams.

glastonbury was beautiful
i ran out of the house one day
one day i had enough energy
woke up early enough into the sun
and ran into the hills
up there
ripped up my pants on the thorns
many cuts on my legs
acting like a little animal in the forest
so so so beautiful
the skies so wide and far
saw the tor off in the distance
what is this magic?

the time in glastonbury was INTENSE
natalie is a luvely lady
and i won't give you my judgements
but it was hard on me.

she took me to a party in bath
just after finding out one of he old friends had died
and she lives in the world of the normal brish people

where as you and i know plenty of people named things like
or sky dancer
or zygote
or lucifer
and shellfish

her's, there, were all things like


dying from emphazema
she refuses to quit smoking.

i have sever trouble being around people who know their problems
but persist in perpetuating them

if i were
more into s&m
i would enjoy it more

i attract this energy often
so i must do my best to understand where it happens in me
perpetuate my own problems
have i done all this before?

party in bath
the crowd hailed i cut off my beard!
dead girl jumped off the bridge in yorkshire into the traffic
to end her painful and pointless life
want to prevent this ever happening again
steve would never stop smoking pot
as it would make him have to be active about things happening in his
and the house he lives in was filled with people using and ripping
eachother off
anger and frustration

oh, why such torture?

but this is small town england
small town world
what i know well
where i come from.


now i am in wales.
also with a man who insists on cutting my beard every day
swat away the hands i do
but the country is so
so so so so so

david grey comes from a small town near here
i visited there
and climbed through turn of the centure lime kilns
then up a hillside
over the top
into the sun
who peeled away the clouds
to shine on my face
blinding me with the sea
reflecting through many harbours and islands
so beautiful
i was shocked
and had to laugh and hug and love
open my jacket
and take it all in

so so so so beautiful

what is all this talk of love and sadness?

just talk

smash that tea cup to the ground!

and i will be back in london on wednesday sometime

you will be staying at david/yacov's?
cool cool
interesting household
we'll be leaving for germany on thursday
if you see Valerie again soon
tell her to email me her interesting contacts in cologne

"we all went to heaven in a little row boat
there was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt"

thanks kid
love and blessings


--- Chad Balester <> wrote:
> hello chai-wallah!
> Did you ever hear the poem by Hafiz, about Love wanting to come and
> smash up all your tea-cup talk of God? or was it God wanting to come
> and smash up all your tea-cup talk of love? I'll lend you his book,
> 'the Gift'.
> Trust you had an interesting experience with the Glastafarians. I did
> say I was leaving you in good hands but I don't know Natalie so well.
> How is Fishguard? Are the cod on sentry duty tonight? and did you see
> the stars! the stars tonight like fragments of broken gems,
> glittering with the tenderness of broken-hearted men.
> and how about that eclipse this morning?!
> for now i am here in Painswick going nowhere as fast as
> stillness can fly, like a fool on a hill with the world going by
> But I did buy a plane ticket to Brazil today, rio amio mio,
> departing on the 25th december. would be good to meet up again with
> my ecliptic opposite before i go
> until then, much sag love and hemp candy to you
> and in the end the love you is equal to
> ho diddley da dah ! and lots of samba ....
> Chadha.

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