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ways to make simple math equations work with out the expected results

Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2002 20:32:58 -0800 (PST)
From: "dominick vyne" <> View Contact Details
Subject: ways to make simple math equations work with out the expected results
To: "Vince o" <vorhrm@>
hey, don't you worry, mister
i'll put you on my MSN messanger list when next i encounter it on a

but here's the thing i wanted to give you:

when i was 13 i discovered this in a book on sexual secrets
then, when i was 18
i studied yoga for two weeks with a husband and wife couple in Michigan
city, north west indiana
the man taught me this, a continuation of the thing i had been doing
since i was 13:
the muscle that is used to control pissing
called the "perineum" in western medicine
the "mulabanda" in indian yoga practice
... the "sandbar" as my childhood friends refered to it..
-- right now you can feel it
squeeze it
know what i mean?
it's a very powerful muscle
and it's a very powerful energy spot
root chakra and all that, really
but here's the thing:
it's really powerful to use in sex.
it's the muscle that controls how hard your dick is
and how much you can hold back from cumming
but also how well you can generate energy down there
so you want to know how to make 55 go into 24 more times than you might
think it should?
feel this muscle
(not with your hands, with your whole body)
and tighten it
feel that
let it go.
do this...
all day.
do it a lot
any time you think of it
do it quick
or do it slow
hold it three seconds
then let it go
or do it with the breath
one way
(hold; breathe in, relax; breathe out)
and/or the other.
the muscle will get much stronger
then you can do fancy energy stuff with it
but i'll leave that for you and your imagination to explore
(remember, anything you dream of is possible...
like seeing me in london)
but i will give you a suggestion:
there is energy comming from everywhere
the centre of the earth
the farthest point in the heavens...
the computer at your feet
the sun
the moon
the telephone...
sample these energies
once you learn to use your mulabanda to hold your own energy
you can pull in others
(the centre of the earth and the centre of the heavens i have always
enjoyed and found most friendly)
and cultivate them in you

i only mention this
because if both of us do this
we can roll around in sexual bliss much longer

from the light in your eyes and the beauty of your smile
i am sure you have your own ways of cultivating your life energy

which i will be happy to feel

when you tell me you are comming to london

it's great meeting you Vince

til then

see you in the dreaming:


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