dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

something about Kansas

Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 22:43:14 -0800 (PST)
From: "dominick vyne" <> View Contact Details
Subject: something about Kansas
To: "Tony S."
Hey Tony

so, you're a star
you're busy as hell
way too many emails

that's ok
and it's well understood
so get back with me on this when you can.

i drove back from arizona when i was 20
that is, back to Indiana

took apart my child hood room in my parent's house
( i had the walls completely covered with clippings and pictures and
writings )
and helped re-paint it.

a passing on...

traded my car in for a little pickup
and heading to Michigan
Kansas City, Kansas
and Lawrence

on the way from Iowa to KC
the transmisson blew out
but i rode it into town
and stayed with a friend there

it took a month before i could leave

whereupon i met the guy who inherited the William S Burroughs estate
his long time editor
and was split between that strange reality in Lawrence
and the strange reality of Kansas

tonight, i was reading a poem
she's on a long trip from toronto
across america

at the part where she gets to kansas
her car breaks down

four days for her
slightly longer for me

now... i don't really like the two people i still know in Kansas
i'm not really on speaking terms with the guy in KC
and the guy in Lawrence just thinks he's so great
and it's so boring talking to people who think they're so special

that is
if they don't see how special you are at the same time

this occurred to me
when i thought of you

you're special
and being told you're special
not just by me:
my limited eye being attracted to your flesh
and the few words you've used to present yourself
and the many you've used to explain your truancy

and you know your special

do you know much about breakdowns?

are you from that town?

what took you to being there...?
was it intentional?

are you already in love?
with yourself? with another?

are you looking for something?

do you know what you got?

is this a welcomed wash through the beautiful emptiness that is the

what kind of love do you need, love?

get that transmission replaced...

what stories can you tell about cars...
and your heart in the earth
and feeling the heart of your lover?

i know i'm way overstepping my bounds here
but that's me
a circue performer in the ring of human emotions and the banks of the
rivers we flow in

i thought i'd fish for you
and see if i caught anything

anything worth jumping in the river for



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