dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

gators and gay life

Gay life and alliGators

... arrived in Florida
flew into Orlando
through an Ordeal...

missed the F train as i was walking down the stairs...
this has happened a few times over the last few days...

so i caught the next train, a J, south
but it stopped one stop before Fulton, which is where i could have changed to the A

so i had to take the 4
which was 10 minutes or more of waiting

one stop
waited another ten minutes
for the A

it wasn't going to the airport
so i got off at Lefferts Blvd
and walked around.
bought some water
and Roti

it was so GOOD
i loved the indian woman...
she loved me too
filled the Roti with Lamb meat (and bones)
and Liver!

fuck burritos.. i just want Roti...

well, i did have a good burrito on 23rd street the day before too...
finally: first one in New York..

i ate my Roti
so hot (picante)
it made my lips burning and itchy
lit my eyes up

long bus ride

checked in at the auto-check-in at JetBlue
as i stuck my card into the slot a woman behind me yelled
"Dominic, Don't!"

it was her son

i checked in as the plane started boarding. . .

had a seat up front

i passed out

my forward bend is increasing nicely
(thank you, marijuana!)

i landed in Orlando
had lots of messages
long story short...
i rode with a 27 year old from New Brunswick
who's gay
but can't deal
married a girl from france who just needed a green card
then became obsessed with her
so as to not deal with anything about himself

things are tough

we talked
he drove

i ate blueberries.

he picked me up from the guy's house who picked me up from the airport
who had every Orisha

i was introduced to Ogun and Elegua when i was 19
and B introduced me to Yinmaya and Chango

now here's all these others too...

this guy plays santa
and does readings
and ...

this kid
picks me up there
and drops me off at his friend's place
the guy i came down here to meet
who's a Babala of Chango!

Santeria everywhere!

gets me high

i sit
embarrassed with myself
he says i'm so afraid
i'm running from my gift

like most of my sex is to keep an energy dynamic that keeps me powerless
and i'm vampirically drinking this shitty-male energy
yinning down the yang
channeling it through

feel embarrassed
i want to be better than this

he says
"what is

is is

and i know
"it's just fear"
"you gotta know your emotions"

i just feel sad
and this isn't sexy to me at all

not just sad
i don't mean that


i go to sleep.

slow morning

slow day
watch "the puppet masters"
old Sci-Fi movie on TV

we go out
to the everglades
we park the car
and i point to the airboat rides...
we walk over to "the lone cabbage"
18 bucks
we get a half hour zooming around on the swamps

see the gators
the cranes
little birds
purple flowers

the wind in my hair
the roar of the engine..

the guide says that gators can bellow
but before that
they emit sub-sonic base sounds that another gator can hear over 5 miles away
-- the water dances on his spine...

after the ride
we went for a walk through the marshes

my friend stopped

i kept walking
i started throat-singing
and there one was
15 feet away
floating in the water

water as warm as the air
just his nose and eyes sticking out
prolly about 6 feet long...

i sing to him
i do mountain pose
i feel him...


marsh lands...

bitten by fire ants
just a few
not that bad.

we're talking
i rub his head

"it's good luck to rub a nigger's head, boy"
he tells me a story about his racist boss as a child...

good luck

i jump in the ocean
so good
feel my body broken in the waves
wash that city out of me

ice cream and movies
now it's time for dinner

and we'll sleep.

tomorrow down to lauderdale


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