dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

From: bearcub
Subject: Re: Crack. Front down forget the mane. [a Question. For Dave]
Date: November 7, 1998 10:34:44 AM CST
To: horsestorideon
Cc: exit2k, afw10, mrvisible, sowinski, sejohnst, shorning, gbrennan, emcgarry, and 22 more…

what do you do with all that time and energy on your hands?

Not much. Sit around my apartment in pain.

i got interested in the idea of beastiality...
for the orgasm, yes
for their furriness, sure...
but i was intensely wishing i could get them pregnant and create a mutant
off-spring that i could hang out with
[this is what i felt like in indiana; how about you?]

Some dog licked my asshole when I was 12 as I jacked off.
Never thought about beastiality till recent years.
Just dogs. Male dogs. Fucking me. *tieing* as they call it when they're nob
goes into your asshole and won't pull out.
Hasn't happend. Nice fantasy. Not sure if it ever will.

they seem to lock up
and you can't really pull them out until they get soft
which can take up to about a half-hour...
and they dig their paws into your shoulders...
if you try to pull them out they'll hurt you...


so, lets see..
i've heard stories [or desires, at least]
but have you ever had sex with an animal besides a human?


and what were you doing with it?

Already said.
[i mean, was it just to get off? seems a long way to go when you could
just use your hands]

Hmm. That's a stupid statement. Why get a partner if you could just use
your hand.
Blah blah blah.

sure, we all like the "bear" culture and everything
but what is our beastiality-attraction here, david?

I *hate* the bear culture. It's overrated and overused and glad that before
I got too caught up in it, I stayed away from it.

OUR beastiality attraction? I have no idea what yours is. Mine is something
I dont' worry about trying to figure out. It turns me on. And, like, ya
know.. it's taboo so it makes it more exciting.

not "humans" as something seperate from all the other living creatures...
but what's it like, fucking like an animal?

You'll find out someday. :)

you got a big cock
biggest cock we'd ever seen
but what do you do with it?

Ask.. well... you know.

you know: it's not enough to get off
not enough to just have sex
[or is it? hmmm, that's up to you, really: go look in a mirror]

I looked in mirror. I have no beard. I think I'm handsome no matter what I
do to my self. It makes me feel good. Sometimes it's enough to get off when
it helps ease a migrane. Or when you just need to get off. Blah blah blah.

but here's the question:
what are you trying to accomplish with any act of sex you have with any
animal you have it with?

Depends on the animal, time, situation... way too broad of a question.

bear or cub or otter or dog...
what o you think you might be breeding?

Not a breeder... how about you? :)

David Essex

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