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Vertical Prose

November 7th, 1998

how something you were shoving against suddenly gives @ 12:34 pm

From: swebel@U.Arizona.EDU
Subject: how something you were shoving against suddenly gives (fwd)
Date: November 7, 1998 12:34:48 AM PST
To: horsestorideon@hotmail.com

this is for everyone, s's inspiration, i'm shy it's your game you'll all
see, but it's this guy i've had an eye it's been so long and i want to see
him finally. we dodge each/other. this is stalemate it's dead fish the
way they float. this silly love call, plumage, something to snicker at--
bit sweet, skull mask for the parade--

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 01:14:06 -0700 (MST)
Subject: how something you were shoving against suddenly gives

way and you fall and your arms've grown strong from all the pushing.

then still falling, dizziness,
"I did too much, went too far
with their bodies they were only kissing but
Scott had his hands all over"
on Halloween; the sex part of death.

How are you dying? I haven't seen you in so
long, I look much thinner and diamond.

you'll have to excuse i'm already half adream, it's so late and i've been
pushing myself with all this work and play. but everybody is going as
death tomorrow at the parade. that's what this "is about," the parade at
6 or 7 saturday night that starts at the Zenith center and goes all

and if we don't see us there, my rush of school stops tuesday when i hand
in those papers, so that night or sometime soon.

this is forward of me: you're amazing, we all know that, but your great
wall is amazing too. we could play a game or be abruptly topical
or both at the same time: here's the rule: formulate as tediously
as you wish a single question to pose to me, and i'll do the same
for you. (both question and answer reveal lots about you, and
remember, no question is a question in itself, i.e., "huh? what the
heck's he talking about" etc.)

rewind, good day to you, enjoy yourself. & listen to that sound...do you
hear it?

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Vertical Prose