dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Date: November 5, 1998 12:36:09 PM CST

I really am disgusted that I bother to read all this stuff you're
sending me, and worse that I file it away for future reference. Who are
all these people? It's dreadful; like a harem where you're the madam.
Well, maybe more like a house of the Burlesque. It's rediculous. Just
find some Brahms to sing and it'll all sort itself out.

Did I tell you I'm studying with Ian Partridge? He's wonderously famous
and we get on so well... I feel it, you know... success is in my
grasp... I feel so good with all the work I'm doing. I'm organizing a
recital at the end of November... big expectations.

Though you're still waiting around (God knows why!) and throwing
handouts at all these lost dogs and stray sheep. It's undignified.
Come to London, you fool... the RSC is doing The Tempest in December!
You should see it.

I'm thinking of joining the Brecht evening too... maybe sing some
Hindemith... do you know him? You must find out if you don't, it's
brilliant. I spent all of Sunday with John Adams (the composer I keep
telling you about). He's coming to the RAM next year. He's such a good
man. I really adore him. He got six curtain calls at the Barbican last
week and they would have kept on if the ushers hadn't turned up the
lights and pushed every one out of their seats. He's the ideal composer
for me right now. But you know Phil is going to be here on the 23 and I
have a pass to sit in on his rehearsals!

So, fine... keep it up in America, and send me a note every once in a

But if you're going to send more false apologies to the world that's
fighting over your affection, please send them to my RAM account at (but do send them!)

Hotmail can be time-consuming.

But why do you bother with all of those lonely souls out there?

TA HEE HEE HEE... it is fun, though, isn't it?

Keep laughing, it suits you. Not me so well... I look better with a
face of wonder or determination.

Anyhow... It would be nice to see you again, and we'll be in touch.

Ryan DeRyke

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