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Vertical Prose

October 30th, 1998

very pretty. @ 08:22 pm

From: exit2k@hotmail.com
Subject: very pretty.
Date: October 30, 1998 8:22:28 PM EST
To: horsestorideon@hotmail.com

you should be a writer! no, but
really, i enjoyed it not just for its clarification of your past and
your love[r][s]. i'm glad you could write it, anyway.

and what a surprise! i see sera too. and she's irish!
how pleasing. i don't think she understood. i think she is sweet, but
she explains the wrong answers. i would write to her and tell her what
i mean, but i wouldn't know what to tell, and she doesn't know me from
me besides. sad story, i guess. glad she gets fucked when she needs
it. or not.

she hears what she doesn't want to say, even when someone else doesn't
say it, and believes her story is the most important just because it's
hers and told, to her. small eyes. doesn't know what she's missing.

found my tape, and my player. they were in my bag all along -- no cab.
i thought it seemed a little extreme, even for Me. listened to them,
they're well. i have one more tape -- two hours! and i was going to
save it for when i got home, but now i'm hoping to score some acid for
tomorrow night that i better enjoy a lonely all hallow's eve. that's a
tape if a tape ever was, if i pull it off.

wish me luck. i'm going to ask the concierge for advice.
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Vertical Prose