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Vertical Prose

November 3rd, 1998

deep curtains @ 12:02 am

From: houseofthe2palms@hotmail.com
Subject: deep curtains
Date: November 3, 1998 12:02:15 AM PST
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if no beginning again,
all pockmarks allowed
having to ask a quest
ion: takeit like a pill

is there a name for the self refrential portion of shakespearian
[or any] plays: youknow, where all the characters watch
their charicatures act out the larger twisting plot their stuck in:
r&j:: hamlet::
where they might catch a glimpse of themselves, even the actors
feeling their faces melt onto fellow actors play at actorsacting:
where the plotpath is
the plays motivators
disappearing in the onstage courttheater of saidking distracted by
done deals.

is there a name i can use for the puppetshow portion, now that a
curtain has dropped on stage,
but hasnt sealed the 3rd space entirely,
protecting it from applause?

maybe anader question for someones fumbling hand:
can we write a list of the VILLIANS who could only see their tortures as
a gift:
giving the other one, the VICTIM, the opportunity VILLIAN was never
or [maybe] just not enough of, regularly.

ready to cry,
happy to hurt:

i speak as

"oh hello mole"
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Vertical Prose