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Vertical Prose

November 5th, 1998

(no subject) @ 01:01 am

From: nobrickwalks@hotmail.com
Subject: Tonight sets us rolling, a phase.
Date: November 5, 1998 1:01:21 AM PST
To: exit2k@hotmail.com, afw10@columbia.edu, mrvisible@worldnet.att.net, sowinski@inetdirect.net, sejohnst@midway.uchicago.edu, shorning@willamette.edu, gbrennan@willamette.edu, emcgarry@willamette.edu, and 22 more…

This must be like a playground!
But so many of the people I just met are only watching. OK. It makes me
nervous to be here. Who forwarded all of this to me?
I guess I've got enough time to read it, but some of this stuff is
really long. And "...d-->" is really the only one talking. (Sorry to
everybody who HAS responded!)

It's strange to read these letters every night, does any one else feel
like a voyeur? It's like eating something somebody implied would make
you feel different. Or they told you it would make you feel better.

Since d--> is doing all the talking to everybody, and the other e-mails
seem to be directed back to him I think I should say Hi! once to him and
Hi! once to every one else.
And d, I have to read every letter a couple of times and alot doesnt
make sense, but then again, I don't know you (YET) and I will keep

So: You keep up the work. I'm already expecting a message every night!

(P.S.: I've never ever gotten such long e-mails! Thanx!)
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Vertical Prose