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Vertical Prose

June 2nd, 2005

dreaming again: whales and demons @ 10:45 am

i don't remember most of the morning's dream

but i do know
i was walking the peir with my mother
a huge blue whale was jumping and swimming along aside us
the sun shone down
everyone was out
people were smiling.

i was working for an...
we were...
killing deamons

we all had specific powers
that allowed us to see or know
we had tools
a book
a knife

had a lot of work to do
at every party we went to
demons everywhere

but in this dreams
so were there whales everywhere.



i woke up next to a friend
but i didn't really wake up
he drank coffee
ate something?
read something?

i sometimes sleep with my eyes open
i remember seeing him in the morning light
sitting in the chair
i slapped the bed beside me
but did not sway him

i ...
to sleep

[maybe i'll start writing about what happens during the day again soon]
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Vertical Prose