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Vertical Prose

May 25th, 2005

Abandoned House @ 10:21 am

... growing up in the cornfields
there was precious to do
so my brother and i...
and a kid or two from one of the other few houses in the sea of corn,
would go exploring...
often the edges of fields... the strange middle of the fields...
the empty farm houses (barns)

the walls were so decayed you could see through them
old sink
rusty nails (he stepped on one: went right through his foot!)

age passed
life, once lived

a grave, a cadaver
you can go inside
ask questions

and, aid a bit in he decay: make a mark on the world...
make way for the new.

- i've always enjoyed abandonded houses.

When i lived in Tucson
friends and i would be a bit more elaborate
jumping the alley-way's large iron gate
climbing up the wall with a grappling hook
across the building of the bank
over all the store fronts
crow-baring the old bathroom window
of the movie-house
that had been closed up for over 20 years...

the rotting velvet chairs...
silver screen gone to dull-gray spiderwebs
vacume fuses!
old reels: dust.

we'd put on fire shows
entertain eachother
sit there and talk...

in the forgotten places
we could be free.

When i lived in Little Rock
i lived in the ghetto
many empty foundations
where houses had been blown down by a recent tornado...
walking to work in the morning
we'd find half the city empty
down-town historic buildings, cheap hotels, etc...
vacant city

i knew there'd be some wonderful places in there...
and i was feeling the isolation of not liking the town, the people
only liking one person: my lover...

i asked him if he'd break into the old school with me
(not down town, on the walk back to our house)

like many things
he did not understand
and seemed angry at me:
"Why break into abandonded buildings? i don't understand.."

i couldn't explain anything to him.

and it's been a Long time since then (a bit over 5 years...)
i don't think i've been in any haunted houses since...

i've been depressed lately
maybe feeling the same way
floating in a sea of fog:

New York has been heavy and rainy and grey
yesterday, walking with a friend
it got cold again:
i caught a chill...

up here (in the bronx) at the meeting last night
i fell into conversation with the Kids after
drinking a small bottle of Johnny Walker Red
a bit warmer...

the idea sprang up
and we climbed the ladder
up to the roof
jumped over the foot-and-a-half gap between buildings
and climbed down the old ladder into the...
what was this?
some sort of work-shop...

all with very dim lights...
about seven kids
surveying the wreckage...

block-glass windows
distorting the sodium lights...
indecipherable piles of rotting things..

old dusty dowels..
police locks
large metal thing...

circular saws...
a box of tiles...
i remember we needed tiles... for something.. what?
i go to see what's inside the box
but there's a big canister on top
maybe a coffee can
i tilt it to see if i can see what's inside
so set it back down
and it tumbles after me
crashing down on me and smashing over the bridge of my nose.

not a coffee can
something much heavier

i'm a bit stunned
eyes a bit watery

i raise my finger to my nose
and feel a little chunk taken out...

broken nose number 6?

i didn't panic
we took our time exploring...

one of the kids faced me with a door
"come look!"
dirty grey cobwebs covered it...
shiny brass nob
she turned the lock
i braced myself and yanked out the metal tooth holding the door in place...
turned the handle and PULLED

a back yard?
iron gate...
what's that?


-Slammed the door

the dog started barking and freaking out

we headed back up
into the misty rainy night air
looked out at the city
then came back into the apartment to clean up my face:

this is what i looked like earlier in the day:

this is what i looked like when i first looked in the mirror

a closer look:

after i cleaned it off:

the nose didn't bleed internally
and it hardly feels bruised...

when i lay down to sleep
i could feel the bludd running down my face
over my eye lid...
it was a bloody mess in the morning
but i forgot to take a picture

now i've got to rush off to the school to meet the new teacher i'll be working for

"hello, don't worry: i busted his ass."

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Date:May 26th, 2005 03:38 am (UTC)
heyyyy! am I the only one sticking out to the end fer chrissake?
surely not, but why hasn't anybody else asked what this is about?
now i've got to rush off to the school to meet the new teacher i'll be working for
I missed a whole post somewhere???
and I've got my empty house story too
but it's too long for comment
send it in an e-mail
damn! I need to hear your stories
and tell you mine
like the first five times you broke your nose???
one day...
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Date:May 26th, 2005 08:39 am (UTC)
Let's hope it's just a cut, and not broken. Five times before?
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Date:May 28th, 2005 07:44 am (UTC)

a strange guy appears...

while looking at the butt website i noticed the interview you had back in 2004. i then noticed there was a link to your livejournal where the unedited version existed. reading both versions and this recent entry really spiked my punch. i'm intrigued; do you mind if i add you to my list of comrades? i think we have lots in common, but least likely the whole "bears" subject. =B

warmth, Roverto.
[User Picture Icon]
Date:May 30th, 2005 09:10 am (UTC)

Re: a strange guy appears...


i watched Mysterious skin on wednesday


i'll post about it eventually
currently i'm sulking

hello, though
how ya doing out there in CA?

where in CA?

where ya from?


i need to get to sleep


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Date:May 31st, 2005 12:22 am (UTC)
yea i'm a bit envious that you've already watched it. i read the book back in november and am really excited to see a new araki film, 'specially with joseph gordon levitt. yea, do post your thoughts soon. i'm hoping to go to san francisco sometime this week to watch it. i live in sacramento, about an hour and a half east of san francisco.

i'm pretty good. california is just getting into our summer heat. relatives from utah arrived two nights ago and last night we party-hardied in fresno. things are pretty good.

say, in that butt interview you said you were going to be living for a while up here not too far from san francisco. that didn't fall through, did it? hope all is well in new york. i trekked thru new york last summer and reminisce everytime boredom starts creeping in... so nice.

well, that's about it for now.
i'm going to go sleep now.


Vertical Prose