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it is Big
why do i keep thinking it's a city in miniature?
i walked...

i had One client in the city
i went there specifically to...

up near the museum
but further away

what's a castle doing here?

everything seems so particular

look: brick sidewalks
for ten feet...


What amazing buildings...
i feel like i'm in a stage set...
a museum

who needs to go into the museums here?

oh: look at that Ball-Shaped man reading a plaque
where is he from?
-- there's his wife


international city

there's a Toy City Hall in the centre of it all
i don't understand directions here..

but i'm figuring it out
on such a beautiful day
in such an in teresting toy city
i move through it
wind in my hair
strutting down the street

i catch a bus
coz this kid tells me i should:
we're doing a massage exchange

he's great
he asks me if i've been to Heartwood..

i give him my massage
condenced into an hour
-that's all the time we've got: he says

he looks totally blown out when i'm done with him
i'm all uppity, happy
full of myself-
when i do massage trades
i'm ususally rather non-plussed with the other's style
(ahh, i miss bigredpaul)

this kid jabs into my neck
tells me to start breathing
and takes me for a ride

he went an hour and a half on me
coaching me
interracting with me
pushing me
blasting through me:

but now he's late
we exchange info
and i leave
blissed out
floating around:
where am i?

i call a guy who.. i THINK, lives down there...

Ah, he does
he invites me over for a cuddle
but it turns big-tyme sexual: he's a sweetie
we cuddle and order pizza
watch some StarGate SG-1

in the midst of that
my phone rings
and it's the is faery kid i know saying "i'm standing outside your door"

his boy friend emailed me
about two weeks ago
asking if he could stay with me...
i told him "Sure: just let me know ahead of time"


so i rush out the door
jump in a cab
and head for the place i was staying up-town
say good bye to my gracious hosts
(they have a dinner guest)

and take the lift back down to the waiting taxi cab
for him to deliver me to the chinese bus...

and although i make it with only a minute to spare to make the 9pm bus...
there IS no 9pm bus.

it's hourly all day
then goes from 8 to 8:30 to 10:30

even the grey hound doesn't have another bus back to NYC til midnight.



i have some phone conversations.
i play tetris on my mobile phone
(i just found it for free on the net!)

i get on the bus
and i'm reading Rikki Ducornet's "Butcher's Tales"
and though i had been enjoying the fantasies...
three stories in a row were like goth-girl's terror poetry
-- just trying to be as sick and mean and terrible about everything as possible

i closed the book..
and drifted off...

the bus picked up motley pack of chinese in front of the bob-evan's somewhere in New Jersey...
then we were in saten island
then 8th ave and 62nd st
in brooklyn

this black guy is talking really loud on the phone about his friend who got shot
and how his generation was the last decent people born on this planet

then he starts bitching to his girlfriend... i imagine
about how he has to make his ride
and the bus driver is late
then he starts making a scene
and is shouting
talking loudly
not in sentances
or to anyone
but like blaring a ghetto blaster
or subwoofer in the back of yr audi
he wants everyone to hear

bitching bitching bitching moaning

i was about ready to turn around and slap him

then i remembered the blessings of headphone:
i put on "Cause=Time" by Broken Social Scene

"and you all need to be the cause..."

"cuz you just want to fuck the cause..."

it lasts til where they drop me off in china town
and i turn a corner and my senses guide me Home...

i am so happy to be back in NYC
the buildings are all the right size here: big

the city surrounds me
guides me along with it's callused hands
chipped nails

the Fae kid is waiting inside the door of the apartment when i get there
and i get a surprise call from a friend of mine from TN (who's moved to GA now...)

and we go up stairs, A and I
and we shower
and he'd stayed here once, three years ago
-- it's a small world.

he has to be up at 7 am
to catch a bus by 8:40
of course
it's 8:13 or whatever when he leaves
i'm rushing him out the house like a frantic mother

then i fall back
and luxuriate in the empty house:
i don't have to do anything today

i won't.

(well, dear readers, i did actually spend over an hour on the phone sorting out banking and cell phones, but you can blink over that...)

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