dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

secret path

for those of you have never been here:

between the Sanctuary and the Pan Meadow (where the cars are parked)
is a long dirt/gravel road
cutting through the forest
is a small path connecting the two: shorter.

this is my third year down here
and before this
i've always taken the short road that connects with the path to Goat's
(which is on the way to the Pan Meadow)

i just realized
that there is an older path that never connects to the Road
just goes along under it
and connects to the Sanctuary from within...

never having to walk on the road...

i've walked it four times since i discovered it yesterday
i love it
up and down
winding through the trees and vines
i keep thinking of how it's the Path
and how so many have walked it before
and i help make it a little
by kicking stones out of the way..
this is the path we walk in life...
all the green
the dappled light of sunset
the heavy feel of heat
still slight this early in the year
foretelling the humidity of summer


i don't know when i'll be down here next
but i am so appreciative now of the silence
the green
the millipede crossing my path
the sarsaparilla growing in its toothy way by the path side

in the house
they were making thai-noodle this morning...

last night
something we ate during the day
made both Goat and i quite sick
bad farts
-- i vomited

so today i'm fasting
(there's been something going around)

Goat's off eating tamales at a neighbor's house
(goats stomachs are legendary, aren't they?)
the sun is setting the last time i'll see it now
heading out tomorrow shortly before noon
to catch a rental car
and head back up to the crazy city

i feel so odd
not knowing my place
or even my desires

i suppose
being in the mix
will nix all of my wondering

is that why we live in cities?
to move to fast to worry about such

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