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Vertical Prose

May 4th, 2005

catching up @ 05:27 pm

i woke up early in the morning
top of "Three Sisters"
Sister Clara had left me in the sheets...

the window at the foot of the bed
[room as big as the bed]
held the waving green leaves...

the most green
roll to the left: Green

roll to the right: Mirror

i stared at myself
looking in my eyes
lashes, brows

my cheeks
the flush above the bones
the lips
lots of hair




lots of walking around

my second day
i was running
and jumped
down on some sharp dead grass stalk:
punchture wound north of my heel

having to walk slowly
a little pain

that was days ago
today it hardly hurts.

now i'm sitting on a curb in the small town of Woodbury
across the street is an open wi-fi connection

i'm taking a moment to catch up

The sanctuary wasn't about having fun
it was about recouperating

i didn't dance around the fire naked
and though quite a few people have wanted to have sex with me
i've only gotten hard once

i'm just about cuddling
the talking

never have a been to a faerygathering before and done so much listening
just receiving

conversations about absinth
yes, this kid here who makes it: distills it
i don't want to get into it that much now, do i?

the trees
all the people
massage exchange
such beautiful kids

just to be around such beautiful people...

i recommend it to everywone
be around people that turn you on
put yourself in the middle of beauty

the dreams...

the joy

i'm very happy
but feeling recharged...

a few moments on the computer
catching up
writing emails
a bit of stress running up my back

but i'm putting it out there to find more people to trade with when i get back to NYC
so i'm excited for that
lovers and friends

i'm feeling the wind blow through my hair
and it's hard to see the screen
sitting in a patch of green
on a sunny day

be home soon
love ya, pa

i back-dated a few things
you have to go to my page directly, apparently it doesn't show up on the friends page...
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Date:May 5th, 2005 04:25 am (UTC)
glad you had such a happy, healing time... just not thinking about it was so close to me... much badshit here of late...tell you sometime

Vertical Prose