dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

preparing for beltane

i slept two hours thursday night
when i finally layed down somewhere after 4AM
(ready to go for the morning)
there was a chatter in my head
many voices
talking faster than i could keep up
i tried just not keeping up
but they kept going
bringing myself to peace, stillness
helped: i dropped out somewhere.

woke up a little over two hours later
still very tired
but feeling pretty rested
(it was facilitated resting: with all the meditation and reiki)

and woke my body up

took the F to 14th
and walked down to pick up the rental car

John met me there
he didn't sleep at all
got some coffee
and walked down
from Woodside (Queens)

we drove back to Clinton
got my stuff
and picked up Lori at the corner of Essex and Delancey
and got out of town.

i drove from about 8am to 12
then John drove
i went to sleep

crashed pretty hard
but only for a half hour or so
coz he was so spaced out
caffeine and his own craziness
he kept swerving and jerking all over the road: i couldn't sleep like that

he drove us down to Raleigh: Cary: where he was looking at some property to buy.
Bye Bye
Lori took the wheel and drove out on 40
we talked
we had really intense conversations
very passionate

she said she was expelling too much energy
(she, herself, had only slept two hours the night before... though she did sleep pretty deeply for about four hours while i was driving)
it was making her tired
so we switched to listening to music more
Arcade Fire
we had an amazing experience to
"In the Backseat"

it was fun

but it WAS late
in the smokey mountians
she drove through NC into Tennessee
and i took the wheel for a few hours
-- she crashed out pretty quick.

i decided it was best i rest
she woke
and said she'd drive some more.

i decided i would sleep
climbed in the back seat
and slept.


i was watching a movie with a friend
(Leo? Robert? Nayland? Lori?)

it was interesting
coz it got me really involved in the plot
he said
"it's a great movie
coz you're not just watching it
it's watching you
and you're not done with it
til you figure it out and get through it"

all of a sudden
i realized that I was the protagonist in the film
all the events were happening around me
but hey stopped being linear or even temporal
they just happened in extended eternity
everything was entirely Lucid
the man i had the relationship downstairs
his back yard
the fruits
his wife
the monkey suit
my desires for him
their relationship
the things i did for it
my mother

i lived THROUGH this story for a while
til i realized i was stuck in some pattern
and didn't want to be here anymore
loving this man
who couldn't love me back
but did
by giving me fruit?
hiding behind my mother
as i confronted all of these characters
not with words
but with intensity of being
it all changed
like white light exploding
i was carried off
out of that entire dynamic reality

all of the beings looked like purple hanging paper lanterns
floating over plastic white clouds

a bazaar
desires for sale
i marveled at the things "people" "bought"

a "man" stretched out
while another being raped him with a large brass monkey-god idol


religeous experiences

i saw something
it turned me on

and i was back in the movie
having a conversation
(i've forgotten it now)
(was it the tree house in the back yard?)
i was stuck there
until i came to full awareness of the envelopment of the situation

i was SO lucid now
from this level of processing
that i recognized this situation as an acid trip
i didn't remember taking the drug
but here i was
so i had to be very careful:
this was a matter of most importance
life or death
existential fate
: this is how i remade my life.

i was processing through my desires
and understanding why they attracted me
how they moved me
what i got out of them
and what it cost

i was finishing them
flittering through them...

i felt myself asleep in the back of the car
by the ocean

i was in LA
with Leo in the driver's seat
he was asleep too
i could feel him sleeping
i was sleeping
i didn't feel safe.

there were kids banging at the outside of the car
there was a banging
Shit: they're taking the subwoofer out of the trunk!
i'm tired

i try to start the car
and realize they have taken apart the engine!

i'm pissed off now
not scared
but don't let my anger get the best of me
Leo and i get out of the car

fucking mess of civilization
the kids
the cast-offs
what is this?

i talk with them
am i a street-jesus?
what am i brining to them

i don't need this

i'm back in the movie
fell from one level to another
but not UP again

i ascend
beyond what i can describe . . .

i'm back in the back seat of the car
they kids are banging at the outside
i don't care
i turn over and go back to sleep

is Leo ok?

i'm in the movie
she shows me the picture of Linda
Eli's mom
her handsome (not pretty) face
her curly dark hair surrounding her head

is that my mother?

she's there in front of me

it's a black man with an afro

i'm being confronted with my issues concerning gender, nurture and race
she/he is shifting
and i'm sticking
i can't figure it out
i keep telling "them" (who are making this movie)
that i'm too Tired
that i've been pushing too hard
having too much sex
wasting too much energy
i'm Tired


i gasp
my mouth is pressed against my forearms
in the back seat of the car
crunched up
so fucking cold

we've stopped moving
there is a light
are we at an underpass?

oh shit: i have AIDS

i just failed my life test

i'm terrified

is it almost morning?

oh god
do i have to go back into that movie again?
i'm sorry i failed
i want to learn
please teach me
give me another chance

i'm so cold

wholly shit
where am i?
what's going on?

"Lori: are you awake?"


i figure it must be her
she must have given me this dream
like fish
we dove into eachother in dreaming
became one
she helped me

she doesn't remember having any dream
in fact
she'd only been asleep for about 10 mintues:
it was only 2:19 am or something
about an hour and a half after i fell asleep in the back seat

i am frantic
trying to explain
trying to keep it to myself
trying to understand
being coy
trying to get her to tell me.

i'm cold
i go to put on more clothes
the cord-o-roy
the zipper is stuck
the women's zipper
there is a kink in my genetic chain
on shit: i have AIDS

i'm terrified

i'm talking
the zipper is stuck
i'm listening
i'm being humble

the zipper goes through
straightens out

it's alright now

i open the door to pee
and we're on a deserted road
it's raining
there is a creek
raging below us:
She parked above a creek!
it was the undines!

i bundle up
and go back to sleep
to peaceful sleep

thank you.


i woke up at 6
we drove into nashville

Goat met us an hour later
and it took us many more to get back to the Mountain

everything was muddy
i've never seen it like this
but my heart was overflowing with love
and i just wanted to rush around and be a part of it all

but we went back to his house
and napped

time for down
and nourish
slept a lot
now it's beltane

and it's time for play.

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