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doing odd things

--- i've been making puppets

i've been VERY TIRED

spending every day hashing out the details
creating things
telling a story:


Packaged food is poisonous to your health
be aware of what you put in your body
be involved with your nourishment
include your community



i'm so tired!
Bridget has been tired too

we are easily irritable when tired.

she fights with her boyfriend

they argue
they talk

they spend time talking
they would talk all about it!

i would get irritated with all the talking
but really
i would be jealous.

they Like this
what's better
they LEARN from it
they both admit that it's profitable
and they are appreciative of eachother's input.

but my relationships.. NOOOOOO

No. Leo wouldn't really respond.
Robert and Trevis would get Angry and Sullen

others just wouldn't comprehend

i'm jealous of what they have
it's painful to see the struggle
but it's so beautiful
to see them growing.

i watch
i'm glad to be around them
because i am not in a relationship right now

i wonder if i'd like to be?
slide in skin-to-skin in the dark of night...

but didn't i come here, kinda
to be in a relationship?

yes yes
but mostly with my self

but there is a boy here who i love dearly
not in a weird desperate way
not like that at all
i just love him
i just want him in my life
i just want to be in his
i want conversations and arguments
i want us to chase eachother through the park
i want to get gleaming with sweat with him

-- it's good to want things.

making the puppet show
fixing the stage
walked through Bed-Sty
Nostrand to Fulton
turn left
find the hardware store
all the black people calling out "jesus"
whispering it under their breath

i buy dowel rods
i buy curtain rods
at the counter
i see leather-key-rings with astrology names printed on them
i don't realize this
at first
i only see the name "Leo"

i deliberate...
upon realization
i pull of the Leo anyway
-- extra rings scatter to the floor
i pay $1.50 for it

odd thing to do
do i want a Leo in my life?
do i want to be my own Leo?

July 17th...

tonight is the full moon
well, the opposition is tomorrow at 6:06 in the morning
sun in taurus, moon in scorpio
lunar eclipse.

a perfect time for sex magic
but i'm so tired
i will just sleep and cuddle with Fritter
a faery friend who is visiting this big city
(to see Spam-a-Lot)

i will wake when i wake

maybe things will be clearer in the morning

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