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Vertical Prose

March 29th, 2005

i'm retrograde too @ 11:23 pm

is this OK?
i am sorry
but i can't seem to respond to email right now

it feels safe writing to you

no one...

i'm writing a letter to myself for everyone
i want a bit of forgiveness
i've heaped a bit too much on myself
mercury is in retrograde
you will get to replies tonight.

i have 390 emails marked as "unread" in my inbox right now
meaning i may have looked at them
but couldn't bring myself to deal with them.

i have put indexing rules in my mailer
so messages from Nay and LJ comments come to separate folders
smaller number
i can deal with that

yet still
i have three lj comments still marked for dealing with..

today i bought a new mobile phone
i am tired of running out of minutes all the time

and maybe i rushed into it
but the nice latino guy in Queens gave me a better deal than the internet was offering me
so i went for it
though i could hear the astrologer's advice in my mind's ear
"don't sign contracts during mercury retrograde"

☿ currently 8° retrograded from 14° in ♈

direct on the 12th, back at 1°
will return to 14° on May 1st...
happy Belatane! moving on...
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Vertical Prose