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Vertical Prose

March 19th, 2005

Cheer-leaders for Pain! @ 07:48 pm

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Date:March 24th, 2005 12:34 am (UTC)


my friend Leo was a total top his whole life
when people fucked him
it not only HURT him
but made him bleed and shit

we've done it together a few times
me being top, he being bottom
and the first few times he would say
"PHEW. well it was nice because it was you..."
but it still didn't really feel good
but emotionally, yeah...

it sounds like you got that one down

but ONCE
we were wrestling around
and he jumped on top of me
and sat on it
and then he Rode me
and THEN he found bliss

he said it was the first time he'd ever understood why guys liked getting fucked

it's a combination of wanting
letting it happen
receiving it
taking it

i don't know
how can you communicate this?
how do you take someone where they haven't gone?

"all the children flew when they touched my hand..."

it's the woman thing, again
the last thing i would want to do is hurt you
make you feel bad
make you feel insecure or angry
it's like breathing water
it's something scary and impossible
until you do it.

take, for example, Opera
next time you go to opera or symphony
sit there and close your eyes
and don't just listen with your ears
but listen with your whole body
let the reverberations shake you

or sit in your house and make that OM sound you've heard so much about
and don't worry about projecting it out and making it loud
but make it fill you and radiate from your Whole body

it's about a Whole body thing

-- that's why i hate it when people talk about "fucking hole"
coz it's never my hole someone fucks
it's always my "whole"

but i fuck "whole" too...
it's a big deal!

do you feel it's impossible
or do you feel challenged?

have you ever approached it like this?

it's scary
it took a long time before i let anyone fuck me
but it was a 56 year old when i was 18
(well, long time? i started having sex when i was 12)
he took his time
sucked my butt and rubbed it and played with it for a few hours before he put his dick there
then fucked me for THREE HOURS!
i don't know if i've ever been fucked that long since
and it turned me into a puddle
it was really amazing

the world NEEDS tops
coz there are so many BOTTOMS
i'm just talking about my idealisms again

if i had my way
there'd be no men OR Women

but then i'd change my mind
and do divisions of 3's instead
and thn maybe 20's?


it's something to experience through...

you're hot and i love you

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
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Date:March 28th, 2005 06:10 pm (UTC)


Ahhhh, Yah
this guy i met once
Big Beautiful Black Uncut Cock
we smoke pot
the music is playing loud
we're wrestling around
and all of a sudden
he slaps cold lube on my ass and goes to shove that monster in


i top him bluntly
and tell him to lay down
i turn of the music
and say
"if you want to get inside me, this is what you have to do"
and start massaging his thighs
and licking his asshole
he freaks out
No Go


but that experience made it clear to me
: i know what i need
and it's very rare i let anyone FUCK me anymore

ya gotta make love to my asshole
you gotta make love to me through my butt
that's minimal
the rest is soaring..

i'm more of a top
i'm happy to be
coz i'm really good at making love to people through their butt
through their whole body
so i don't need to fuck all the time
just undulate happily against bodies


Vertical Prose