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Vertical Prose

March 19th, 2005

Cheer-leaders for Pain! @ 07:48 pm

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Date:March 20th, 2005 02:16 pm (UTC)
On one hand
i have to admit that
once we dable in the extremes of things
we learn what the full experience is like
and enjoy the subteties around the center
on the other
i have to be a cheerleader for teen-age-like dramatic emotions (even though mine are much more calm these days)
because, i feel, society is so afraid of them as a whole and SO manythings try to surpress them
-- they are precious to learn from...
if we're aware...

and your point about power is important
a lot of people who feel this way now
(as i felt this way back in 2003)
would consider your idea inane
because the world is obviously FUCT
there is no turning back
and even if there were some way to save it
it is clear there is nothing we can do
we have no power
and it's all over
(like a daniel johnson song)

but that's what it's like being in the space of "hopelessness"

apparently the kid is stoned ALL THE TIME
which doesn't help much at all..

had the kid been there
i could have talked with him
and got a feel for exactly what was going on
but it's all speculation on this point

on an individual
in a small sea-side town
(that they forgot to bomb)
most likely
we'll never hear anything from

or is that a challenge?

Kid: Come Find me.

Wait, what are you saying about "can't even risk feeling it"
what would the feared outcome be?
Death? Non-Existance?
something irrational like that
but yeah, i guess that's what keeps us from feeling pain
the fear of experiencing it...

i guess
when we allow ourselves to feel [anything]
it flows through us
like each continual breath
and just keeps changing
like the scents we encounter as we walk down the street...

Vertical Prose