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Vertical Prose

March 19th, 2005

Musing... @ 12:30 pm

Current Music: vampire/forest fire --- arcade fire

Are thre lonely housewives or elderly folk
who are actually Happy to hear the Telemarketers call?
do they breathe a silent sigh of relief that they have someone to talk with for a while?
someone who
also has a life as... Spacious as theirs
but in a different way
they cannot pronounce their name properly
or may be asking for someone who doesn't even live there...
but it's a human
and you can ask them about the weather in...
where are they?

do they have conversations?

do their husbands or concerned children ever yell at them for giving so much money to randomn charities
or all the packages and letters that arrive
alerting them to their new services?

does this fulfill the need for something?
... everyone's gotta keep warm.
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Vertical Prose