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People ARE Strange....

i was remembering back on something that happened at IBR...
... often in my life
people have told me they felt an immediate familiarity with me
-- i've often been mistaken for people i am not
and am nearly always being likened to some public figure
(comments: does this happen to everyone?)

at IBR
everyone that i played with commented on this
and i remember laying in bed smiling at a friend when he was in the process of saying this
"it's strange... i mean.. it's almost as if you're not.. a stranger"
and i immediately spat out
' because i'm not a stranger, i'm a part of you, always have been and will be.. and i live IN that... so everyone sees me as familiar: i'm a part of everything.. it's how i Identify... '

which kinda surprised me to hear that
because i didn't thnk so beforehand.........

i've said
for years
"people are strange", the Doors song, is my theme song...

although i would still admit to people being strange
i would have to also admit
that i am not a stranger...

or i am...

i am a gemini
and i am a stranger
and i am your lover

i am yourself
and i am anything not yourself
which is hard to grasp
in the abyss..


i forgot that
i had to do some yoga
i had to wash some dishes
then it came back to my head

i wanted to fill the journal entry with that
and then put in this quote from a book i've been reading with Leo for the last few days:

"How To Become A Virgin" by Quentin Crisp

I hold that words are the salve with which we heal the wounds inflicted on us by our actions.

If an unpleasant incident is described often enough, its sharp edges become bevelled. Moreover, if a problem is stated with sufficient accuracy, the solution has already been formulated.


that is why i write.

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