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Vertical Prose

February 15th, 2004

oh, i just found this from an old friend @ 06:53 pm

this is funny
i just found this from an old friends site
i haven't figured out to make links to other users pages
but it doesn't look like he has been updating recently much anyway
his name is

la luz y la oscuridad,
pintados en el cielo
y enterrados en suelo
para siempre,
hasta que se apague el sol,
hasta que la vida nos deje solos.

Somos preguntas sin solucion,
creados en el suenyo y
revelando los secretos
para siempre,
hasta que se calme el dolor,
hasta que la Nada transforme todo.

and now, the bad english translation from http://babelfish.altavista.com/

the light and the dark,
painted in the sky
and buried in ground
for always,
until the sun is extinguished,
until the life leaves us single.

We are questions without solution,
created in dreams and
divulging the secrets
for always,
until the pain calms,
until the Nothing transforms everything.

isn't that just perfect?
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Vertical Prose