dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


keep busy
wake early
some amazing dreams
easily forgotten
the world asked me three times
so I had to stay awake
and just
spent the whole day reading about garbage

oh Really?
The Last Of Sheila
Oh Yeah?
Sondheim was a screen writer for a little bit?
for a little while. . .

I took my time
caught up in words

gotta know about the new Mac book pros
gotta know about iOS 6
gotta. . .
be late

walked across 72nd street for the first time in years

when I arrived for the send-off
I got a nice hug from a chubby fellow I forget is straight every time I meet him
. . . there are still some straights that flit into my life from time to time

they smoked their e-cigs
we went for lunch

the sun is bright
I used to know that
this year it shocks me
I am shocked and appalled!
but I live inside now
in simply lit rooms
tapping on screens
the sun is so bright
every time I go outside
I squint
it hurts

this is why the city people wear glasses

we eat at a French place
I get a torte
and must scarf the second half to make my appointment across the UWS
near West End

I'm On Time
which is to say, five minutes early
I wait outside the door to ring at 1
the man has the prettiest eyes ever
it's a little scary

through the session he used some adjective to emphasize how sincere I am

I'm all bashful for some reason

I like myself as a masseur
I'm simple
I know who I am
and what to do
in my place

like most "simple" and "pleasurable" things in life
I don't imagine it's sustainable
or I'm just itching to transform into someone I find more interesting

that's where this goe

I stop off at the workroom
we have a quarter of an hour of friendly love


why not?

I rush to my next appointment
and there I am
On Time
which is to say
3 minutes late

he always makes me wait anyway
I can tell its calculated

he talks slow
he takes time to choose his words
I imagine it's in direct contrast to how agitated I get when I'm chattering

everything is deconstruction
I keep trying to retell my story
it's boring me to death


he says something something
I forget it instantly
but the line is
"you should work to actually Experience your life"

I always leave feeling gutted

a mess of personality collage
"a cloned clever clone am I"
"the identity I composed out of terror has become Oppressive Now. I Am So OVER IT Now."

Actually Exoerience My Life

something like that
I forget it with every step I take
I try and write about it on the train
but I'm so sick and tired of my story

I really believed it was fascinating
. . . a few years ago

I meditate on it
and am horrified by an old conclusion
the understanding of my shame
my inherited family role

how can there be Love when both of us are trying to scam each other?

I forgot for a while. . .

but I'm chipper

I get home
in this city heat
I want to sleep
but a person comes over
talks to me
I yawn
and lay down
and sleep

he sleeps with me
we wake
go through with
something simple

order food

when did I break my hand?
(no, metaphorical)

he leaves
and I read about Scientology and the Cruise thing for a few hours
damn theatens

not to mention the Mormons
and that 12 year old talking to his 32 year old self
and Radiohead's collapsing stage
and two decades of photos
and google's glasses

is this different than hours wasted on porn?
it's 3am now
and I'm just as befuddled as ever
tomorrow is the last day of this public embarrassment
I used to be so comfortable with it. . .

growing pains.

today is an echo of my 33
let me wake with a day of grace and gratitude
and anyone who reads this
and anyone who wishes it
and all sentient beings
let us just be grateful for all that is
al least upon waking. . .


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