dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

straight porn

i've been a bit fixated on straight porn lately

old chubby men fucking girls.

when i first saw straight porn i was 11
i got out of porn when i was 14

but i know a lot of gay men who prefer straight porn

i got some porn of some "dirty old man" german teacher guy "fucking a girl"
some 30 year old
but there's something so beautiful about a cock in a vagina...
i like the word "cunt" i hope i don't mean to offend people; i don't like the word pussy.

and especially these 60 year old guys fucking younger women..

but what is it?

i watched them
they got me so hard
i came and came and came

what is it?

i imagined i wanted to fuck a girl!
i got on craig's list and posted and ad for couples
but the guy who replied wanted me to fuck him and his wife
and the picture of his wife made me feel like i often feel when i'm viewing women as sexual objects:
kinda shameful
like i want to love and respect them
not fuck them.
not use them.


i can view men as sex objects
and love it

but women?

what is it?

do i want to be the woman?

i posted an ad on craig's list saying i wanted to be fucked like a girl
"fuck me like i'm a woman"
but i didn't get many replies from that
and i don't think that's really it.

but there's something so beautiful about watching a big fat daddy cock going in and out of a young cunt
something so beautiful
the big belly
the big balls
the beautiful flower of the yoni

i wish i was the woman!
i wish i was the man.

i want to be a fat old man!
i want to be an old man with a thick uncut cock...

i want to be a young girl getting fucked by a big daddy.

i want to be a young boy getting fucked by a big daddy
i want him to give me his essence
so i am him
so i have him inside of me to create with

i have an idea that men are the fleshy-machines of the stars
they pull down energy from the sky and make it manifest in body

the women are the fleshy-machines of the earth, the planets
they pull up energy and make it manifest HERE

the man pulls down that energy of the heavens
and gives it to the woman
and she MAKES something of it.

a basket.
a baby.
a functioning house.
a functioning family.
a nest.


the man makes ideas
the woman makes situations


i can be a woman or a girl
i can be a man or a boy
a dog
i can be whatever the fuck i want

i want a big fat daddy to give me his firey simple lust
the lust he has to give you a young woman

the desire of the old and experienced
the mature and experienced
the desire of all he's experienced
to pass that on to the potential of the young

i want that
i want it inside of me
to help me create the world.

straight porn: hot

not just hot coz of that
but there's something really hot about the way men fuck women
i mean
porn usually isn't very creative in their positions
and straight men aren't known for their variety of ways, necessarily
(by us gay folk)
but the way the hips move
the way the sounds growl
the way the grins spread
the way the labia open around the phallus
what the fuck? it's SO hot!

the way the turkish man, the german man
growls things at her
when he's close
to what?

the thing that bores me about porn most
is pulling out to cum

it's always much hotter to me
when they cum inside
and you can just tell from the moans
the noises
the motions
and the glow..

the way they move...


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