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Vertical Prose

June 13th, 2012

34.11 @ 07:19 am

the world likes to dance
she offers her hand
in the form of a fierce beautiful Scottish girl from Arizona
Let's make Music
make fantasy
have adventures

she come around again
separating from the throng
I heard her singing
ma vie en rose
on my subway platform
many months ago
she's beautiful
and beauty leads us on
perhaps out of perversion
though her commitment to fantasy leaves plenty of room for new kinks

there was theater
but it didn't inspire me
the gold leaf and fantasy of the building did
the night of rain did
seeing her again in the restaurant did
playing checkers
with cocktails and chocolate did
The Drug Song For Paula
was a good beat to pull each other too

"there's something in the air. . .
and it's Rez by Underworld"

I had to go home, yo
it was after 2
and the rain feel sweetly
reminded by my walk with Marcel
I let it kiss all over me
walking through the A over to the 1
so I could write my way home

what else lies in store for me tonight?



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Vertical Prose