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Vertical Prose

June 9th, 2012

34.7 @ 08:00 am

I was often amazed
as a kid
to see how thoroughly adults misunderstood the young
I kept it up through my twenties
and after I turned thirty
I was able to look back at the kids and smile with sympathy
how much they misunderstood life
their fiery passions and desperate yearnings
ah, the peace of maturity. . .

but wait! there's more!

I'm still amazed
and see it happening to myself
I'm sure
each moment
I may forget why kids are as they are
even should I take a younger lover
I know how that goes
to marvel at how they burn
"whilst [i] can only wonder why"
but somewhat content to at least warm myself by their fire. . .

compassion is always an option, though
and can save us from humiliating each other

I always yearn to be in both worlds fully
and often end up lost in limbo
looking at them from a distance
(or, luckily, lost in one. . . but without, then, any perspective. . .
who needs perspective when one is in love?
maybe perspective has always been more important to me and is my undoing. . .
("in haunted attics"!)

maybe I have never yet felt a part of my generation (but isn't my generation defined by not feeling a part of itself?)
or a family. . .
nationality, race, creed. . .
so I may never side specifically against any new movement I encounter
any more than I have all others

yet I do wish to understand

and with perspective I can
it is in interaction where I am most foolish
. . . thus, also, most sublime

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From:Tom Dwyer
Date:June 9th, 2012 12:04 pm (UTC)
it seems as if we have a very similar thought process
Date:June 10th, 2012 06:36 am (UTC)

Lost the understanding...

As a teen and into my twenties I always said I would try to understand those I was older than and into my 30s I was succcessful, but when rap, hiphop, gangsta and so on became so popular, when middle class white boys started talking like afroamericans, when women became bitches, I admitted defeat. I am happy with my generation, my music and I have become what I always desired to be; an eccentric and happy old man.

Vertical Prose