dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

arriving underwater

like the moon
i wax on through the nights

a week ago
i was sleeping somewhere normal
waking round 8 or so
all my intentions

i got later and later
until last night
where i stayed up til past dawn
almost 8

laying in bed
thinking it insane
i just shouldn't sleep!
i'm not tired anyway...


all these things happening
prayers answered

Leo woke me around noon
and he told me he'd wake me around 11
i was startled

he made breakfast of chilli-turkey sausage, eggs and rice
i packed up
said good bye to the house
and headed down the road
head bobbing along the way...
everything blanketed in fog and rain

have i ever seen SF so rainy?
we went for dinner at a chinese resturant
right next to the LAB on 16th street
we had duck and bok choy

there was this little baby who's head looked like an alien
Leo kept saying "it's not really a baby, it's an alien..."

and this BIG mexican guy
big mustache
huge shoulders
i was lusty
Leo was laughing with/at me

we went to Rainbow grocery
and bought three types of chese
one was Ski Queen "Gjetost"
which is like cheese made of Caramel...
another: French Morbier Raw Goat Milk chese
where they seperate the morning milking from the evening milking by a layer of ash...
the last
italian caciotta del lazio sheep milk/ pecorino fresco

yum yum yum

we'll eat them with black chocolate
and rice crackers
but now
we're sitting in the hotel room in SOMA
on Harrison at 5th street
the rain is still falling heavily outside
i don't think i've ever seen it so rainy out there
it's exciting.. to think of running around in it
but we're going slow
we're tired
i'm still a little hopped up on the caffiene from the chinese resturant

we're going to have some calming tea
and then turn this computer into a DVD player
hook it up to the TV
and watch some movies

--- i'm arriving
i want to take my time to really be here

exhaustion is always a great introduction for me
keeps me from having expectations or trying too hard
i have no choice but to surrender


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