dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

very vivid night of dreaming

very vivid night of dreaming

even awake
I closed my eyes
thought of something
a man I could feel an amazing connection with
and there
coming out of the crowd
a large dark bearded
broad chested
well dressed...

in one dream
I was staying with my brother in his apartment
the parents were visiting
his wife had left
she was Rachel Berry
or something
the colors were Piscean
all blues and purples

the parents were visiting
in the city square outside the building
there was a fair going on

the gate keeper was a handsome late 30 something Beary guy
the owner, similar but much older
every night we were out
we would go through the fair
fun house
the gate keeper or owner would always have a package for me
there was always some sort of flirting with them
but I was always with my parents

after the parents left
(was I also my brother? he wasn't louis, though I think my parents were my parents... my brother was more City
tall, business, dapper...)

the partner was large
all painted in blues and purples
I remember telling him I think she did a good job
she selected the colors

outside the window of the room I was sleeping in was a field
then more houses stretching off into the hills
one morning I woke to see steeples and other roof tops spiraling up through the soil
until the field was filled with buildings just like everything else

his wife came over
or her brother?
or was this my sister's husband?
no, it was ...
a man
I thought of him as straight
but as we lay around talking on my bed he kept trying to have sex with me

he convinced me to come with him to a hidden place
we were running down long interior corridors
all green with industrial feel
all metal and big bolts on everything
everything opaque
we kept running
when we'd stop and look in each others eyes
someone would come through the myriad doors

I wasn't sure if I should be doing this
but he was do insistent and ...

in the dream before
when I woke at dawn
there was a van
with friends
broken down?
sleeping in different places...
what was the tension and drive?
similar walking through houses
and confused relationships
mystical objects
now sunk back into my viscera...


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