dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

believing in pop songs

I put my music on shuffle today
I had a lot of things to do
with direction
I staggered around my apartment
going back to sleep
unaware to find goat's milk outside
I struggled with folding laundry
impossibly washing my hands again
rolling out truffles
washing the dishes
washing my hands
using needles, cable, tin foil

the music played
but with some guidance
known to gods of algorithms
or desperate hearts
some order
things I could believe in
laugh at
move about

when finally leaving
song 43 came on
"in the back seat"
off Funeral
by Arcade Fire

I remembered moments I listened to this song
moments I laughed at it
moments I cried with it
wondering now
exactly what it is about...

walking down that long 1 Tunnel
the climax of the song blaring away
I thought of Polyphonic Spree
how I could never get into them
Every Song was an Anthem
or some penultimate celebration
but I never believed any of it
it all sounded like they were making something Like that
but it wasn't it...
like any Cold Play song,
but obviously less deftly

I believed The Arcade Fire on those two albums...
they were a bit absurd and a tad annoying
but they were desperate and serious
they were here with us
and begging us to come along
and showing us the way

I remember
after getting into that record
hearing all the hype
Bowie touting them
selling out arenas

and Yeah
I haven't believed them since
and even hearing this song now
her hopelessly exasperated "my whole life" hasn't as much impact because she sounds like she's 18 and she probably needs many more years of learning to drive
or is it:
who I am now
thinks we all should be
learning to drive
our whole lives

it's hard
but off to work we go...

Song 22 was "Pow Pow" by LCD Spundsystem
and it made me think of time
"coz honestly, how much time do you waste? How much time do you blow every day?"
thinking, again
of Debtor's Jail
and my Artist Friend
who was in Debtor's Anonymous
the troubles we might have wasting money
the troubles we have wasting time...

( song 23 was "on the wire" by PJ Harvey, in case you were curious )

I'd been listening to Audio Books for months and all this pop music is a different sort of storytelling...

I heard "Telephone" by GaGa on Glee and it got stuck in my head like a glitch virus for days
every time I checked in
my mind was repeating little chunks of the song
in horror
I had to download it
in horror, today, I erased her off my phone
every song of hers I heard I wanted to skip

but I loved the glitch-skipping in the song, in her voice

it reminded me of the Ting Tings "Great DJ"
the E-E-E and the

CSS "Believe Achieve" from their Donkey album
which I started this shuffle with
"I was to take your eyes
use then as a seed
grow a big tree
on my balcony

this writing ends during song 46
"Kissing Things"
by The 6ths
(which followed "Like Spinning Plates" by Radiohead, the live I Might Be Wrong version)



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