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Vertical Prose

February 3rd, 2005

waking up before i go to sleep @ 06:25 am

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Date:February 11th, 2005 06:31 am (UTC)
well, i called it Art
i just said i felt like i was 13: fetishizing low-rez porn
as we talked about

there was this simple image viewer i had
back in the day
it wasn't even a windows 3.1 program
it was DOS
and with it
i could rotate the color palet of the image

i had this image of this furry guy fucking some guy
all you saw was his belly (the guy on his back)
and the other guy over him, his face looked calm
muscular arms
very furry body
(looked like the guy i had seduced when i was 14... but with a beard)
and the Abstraction caused by rotating the color palet
(did you ever do this? do you know what i'm talking about?)
is what made the image really sexy
that abstraction is what made me shoot load after load of my young teen-age dreams
and your Art had the same quality

your art was conceptual art
but as decorative art
i can imagine laying in bed (especially if i were a teen ager again)
with it hanging on the wall
as if i myself had done it
and in fact
did do it, week after week
compiling emails and using some program to print them like that (or just ASCII art)
and using up stacks of dot-matrix paper

laying in bed
and having him as my dream/literary lover

The Whole Exhibit was so much fun
because it was taking that sexual fetish and making it Fine Art
which isn't Sexual
(even like that naked girl who showed up! what perfect punctuation!)
but the sexuality was so intrinsic
it was like we were all walking around in a masturbation fantasy
that had become a cocktail party

i loved it


thank you!

see you around

Vertical Prose