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Vertical Prose

August 16th, 2011

un-dream. Aug 16. 7;53. @ 09:29 am

un-dreaming. Aug 16. 7;53.

car alarms blaring in the street just outside my window
which is next to my head snapped me out
but didn't that just happen?

i had very elaborate dreams
like a fascinating movie
they are all gone now
I can see snatches
but all dark
I cannot follow a thread

I have not been able to recount my dreams since you two were here last
maybe it's the waning moon
or the retrograde
but I am going to stop trying to recount my dreams for a while
- I did it for a week (almost... )
them felt shut out

if one calls me to write it I will
and/or I will resume when i return from my travels

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Vertical Prose