dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

dream Aug 15, 9:57 am

dream Aug 15, 9:57 am

I got a job!
at a restaurant
in a small tourist town

the whole dream was about baking
burning oil
and a bit of embroidery

I think we worked one place
and decided we needed another
it wasn't difficult
we walked into the restaurant and asked
the boss offered us a free lunch before our shift
I was eating
but Cory (the girl i know from blue lotus) was curious about a dish we were talking about and went into the kitchen to figure out how to make it

so I was eating with someone
a whole group of mid-aged yuppie tourists came in
nice open natural light
front of the restaurant
they were talking with the owner
and somehow annoyed us
so my pal and I went back to the kitchen
Cory explained to us the dish she was working on
thin rice dough
dumplings, yes...
bright aqua blue
she had a dress on
(was that earlier in the dream or sometime past in waking life? touching fabrics and repeatedly saying "crinolines"?)
she had been embroidering it
or is that what you call it?
much of it looked wide-gauzy
so she was kinda making lace patterns within the base fabric...
it was half done
i remember one finished pocket and one unfinished, transparent

something happened with the boss
told us we couldn't do something
in defiance we did it right in front of him and left
(not my action, nor Cory's... but the other we were with)
outside we tried some of the food Cory had made and loved it
she said she was going to take the job
we were surprised because the boss seemed like such an asshole
but she needed the money and didn't let pride get in the way
I felt she understood something we didn't...

that's around where I woke
but earlier in the dreaming
maybe the job I had before
i was aware of a familiarity of space
not fit into a narrative
but a huge house I am
often in through dreams
large mostly empty attic space
but with many huge things in it
and much under dusty sheets
and on shelves

lots of stairways
deep basements
"secret passages"

there was also a "summer camp" feel
but that was about the tourist town
like ogunquit or p-town or someplace less fabulous but still nearish water

(my mind just doesn't feel clear to make sense of this)


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