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Vertical Prose

February 2nd, 2004

giddy promotion @ 10:06 pm

i want you all to go here
and type in the name
"Josie Ravenwing"
in the author field
hit enter

her home page is here

check it out
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Date:February 14th, 2005 12:58 pm (UTC)

Birthday --- Re: Unrelated to the post...

Hey Nay
i'm going to bed soon, i promise...
i bet you're just waking up, though

making coffee?
eating your morning porridge?

in my efforts of connecting my past with my present to create my future
i stumbled upon this reply from you from your birthday last year
and then i went into your archives to read what you were doing this time last year
and LOVED your post about your impending birthday
-- i was too new at LJ (and too wrapped up in Brazil, of course) to be reading your page then
but it was so nice to hear your writing voice like that...
you sounded so confident and grateful..
if i can bestow any wishes upon you
it is that you get through this period of transition succesfully Smelted and Tempered
and your level of appreciation and confidence surpasses all that you've known.

i also went to round the time we re-connected
November 2003
and read your post for the 3rd
"Not time to say anything, but I should say something...how about this: I kissed more longhaired men this weekend than I have in the past five years."
just because i'm a gemini
do i count as more than one?

-- i don't remember how you looked at Bruin Buddies (when was that?)
but i remember vividly how you felt

i do remember how you looked (and yet again, felt) across the room at Jeff's party. . .

in the last few weeks
i've been in Anniversary mode
so i'm just appreciating ours

love and hugs and all the blessings i can conduit to you, Bub

i'm still in bed, there
but not sleeping any more
and i won't go back to sleep
don't worry
sit back down by me and talk to me as you wake up preparing to play the gamecube or run out into the city to take it all in with your eyes
and give it back with your life...

Vertical Prose