dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


"you are Radiant"

message received in under a minute

why such a strong simple impression?
I took the picture
while he was talking and looking at me

have I learned anything?
everyone old is new again

shuffle keeps playing Pulp's "Bad Cover Version"
and it continues in my head
sharing space with the Ink Spots, Flamingos, and Johnny Mathis

Tony said I'm such a romantic...

yet I keep at arm's length those who pour love at me
and yearn for the difficult


referencing music doesn't say what I mean to say
all my understandings through the years punctuated by songs...

and what if that's the good bits: all the personal bits
the anecdotes
that tell my story
explain my view
and how I came to see things this way

but I don't know when I started
I can't remember...
or I haven't tried?
if I braid all my loose threads
can I climb back up the tower to my beloved long haired wife who's the essence of all my secrets?

either way
the process is endless
there is no completing

T said
"what happens after 33? why not 33.365?"
but the circle only has 360°
and the math doesn't work out

what was that old quote...?
"Time isn't true, the circle is not round"
Before The Rain...

I don't remember my name
I can't try and figure out the proper pronunciation forever

don't ?
can't ?
Human Words.

mmmm, Melekin

it's what I'm doing
That's what I do
my essential eternal task:
pronounce the name of Hashem
remember my every face

not to do it for everyone else
but for myself

it must be done anyway
the multitude of fragments are all knitted

I'll learn! I'll learn!
I have the tearing fingers
and the synthesizing heart!

I have the sword of Zain
I have the wand of Zion

on with it
and every other day
til I can sing right through



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