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Vertical Prose

January 13th, 2005

expectant @ 10:42 pm

Current Music: Know-How-Kings Of Convenience-Riot On An Empty Street

i wanted to make sure i wrote that last post before i went to the hotel
because i thought i'd probably be so swept up by all the beautiful friendliness that it'd change my mood entirely
and in the effort to truely journaling my experience...


i had been told that there were many people who wanted to share rooms
so i went to the Hotel
and saw old friends
and a big smile spread across my face
but there was no list of people who wanted to share rooms, so the guy who'd actually know said...
so i wrote on the board my request...

went out into the pool area
and immediately felt kinda pariah
but it was just Me, of course
lots of people wanted to talk with me
that was nice

but my-oh-my
judgement has been running high

and conversations
and new beautiful men
and cuddling
resting in cuddling
well, more than that
door opening and closing

am i gonna get a room?

off to dinner
talking to friends
meeting new friends
back to the hotel
and my message has been erased
and i'm really tired
and a friend of mine who lives here offers to take me home
which is how i'm feeling anyway
so home
time for sleeping soon
but first:

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Date:January 16th, 2005 11:19 am (UTC)
Im so glad to hear about things even though it makes me crazy the way you can make me feel your feelings. But maybe that will be a way I can share what you feel and if it hurts I'll take some of that for you. I know when it's happy I feel happy with and for you.... Hope you find yourself in a safe and warm and cuddly place when you wake today

Vertical Prose