dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


practice today was more engaging because of setting
being aware of space, surrounding
other people
informed greatly how I was
thus how I was with my partner

but on with the day
not entirely as planned
went and saw Thor
a bit entertained
not inspired
-goat porn-

but Jorge and I wandered into Dave & Busters after the show
the theater just routed us through
I've seen D&B for years: had no idea what it was
but when I saw it today I was excited:
all I saw off it was the arcade
I love arcades
I really miss them
I loved them as a kid
and I put my Hate aside for any huge corporate place from the Midwest
and walked through all the flashing lights and electronic noises
like being inside an AFX song
we played $6 of games
then looked through the prize shop and the only thing we really wanted (in the lower coupon area) was the Domo...
so I went back out and bought more credits to win the tickets to win the Domo
Jorge cheered me on
I was winning it for him
I felt like he was my girl friend at the county fair

"Every time you masturbate
God kills a kitten"
and Domo is the hand of god that does the killing

don't take the lord's name in vain
you ignorant arrogant vain son of a bitch
"god" isn't the name of your god, not that you even know the name
the word "god" is a non-specific place holder for any deity
which is fine
will do
in anywhere USA

we ate cold "sliders" off a plate in honor of Dani

but before that
I had fun with one of my clients
visiting client
gave him a good massage
he paid well
and I enjoy him
happy mood
and energized
skipping through the rain
I didn't have an umbrella
and was carrying dried mugwort bundles that I didn't want soaked
so jumped back underground
through the tunnel from 1 to C
but it was only going uptown
so I went
switched at 59th to downtown
and I stood in front of a lady sitting down
Bluetooth in her ear, dark brown skin
she smiled and said I looked Earthy
we talked
se said she saw me with her heart
a spiritual guy
I continued my acting practice with her and found it went quite well
said she looked happy
she said her heart was bleeding
but she was trying
I said Happy Right Now
she returned and agreed
said it was hard though
said God lived in her heart
and she paid attention to what God put in her path
and how that's the hardest work
to always pay attention
especially in this city
and yeah
it is hard.. so much to take on from everywhere...
i offered her some mugwort
but she didn't want that
she wanted a hug
she said she felt my heart, not my dick
and invited me to go somewhere with her
but I told her I was meeting a friend to see a movie
she held my hand going up the stairs
snapped at an old white guy "quit trying to trip me"
I took her hand specifically in mine
and shook it good by
she dances with glee
and I felt a strong transmission
huh huh huh
a little more than I'd wanted to take on
but that's interaction, yo
I beat myself with one of the bundles and that helped...

that was that
then the evening at Gerald
we ate
practiced the repetition more with them
left at midnight
and after Daniel left me on the train
I took some pictures
and saw I look quite depleted
more nourishment
less spending

I'll eat a bit
then sleep


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