dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


supposedly keeping a journal for technique class:

George audited today
he kept it anonymous
but admitted one of her students "enthused" him to come check it out

the warm up was loose
my taste is one of my strongest sense imaginations

with K in the desert
linen blowing

not much emotionally moved today

R spoke of Uta's term: "empowered"?
emblazoned? ("it said: break up the family and let's begin to live our lives..")
to be affected by the nature of objects on stage
real or imaginary
a hot cup of coffee...
the sun...

in repetition I was anxious and rushing
I feel I understand it
but am still too distant from my emotions to be comfortable
my perceptions of people are fixed
this I've known
but is newly poignant
in that when I am in relation with them I treat them as I Have perceived them
instead of what they are right then
it's difficult and lazy

in work
I kept jumping for second impressions on top of the repetitions
which was annoying

after that I sat and watched others
found it generally infuriating
and became sullen, tired, and paranoid
convincing myself, again, of lyme's disease
then desperately trying to cure it from my system
losing concentration and perception and drive

R pointed me for not replying to her email
and cited some actress saying "no amount of homework will compare to action" to learn, we must change our behaviour

all my knowing
(my silly knowing)
does me little good if I do not alter my ways
like a heliotrope
growth is so slow
but persistence succeeds


on the highline with Father Coats
I got stopped to be photographed for Time Out (online content)

the light was so beautiful
but the tired continued
and in the subway I realized I hadn't photographed myself
so tried some angles
and Fr.Coats suggested I not look so serious
I did a bunch of goofy shots
and this one was the last
so terrifying and mutated I had to use it

I guess I've got a beard again...
but I want to keep a shorn face this year
I will cut it on 33


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