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Vertical Prose

June 6th, 2011

33.4 @ 02:58 am

already I'm exhausted
or it's nearly 3 am
much walking
and two glasses of wine

in this city
time enough to be on time for a movie
perfect timing
by chance
time enough to fold some laundry
see a client
get a ride down town

time enough at the flea market to not buy $100 night shirts
a dollar per year
old French linen
a million things I don't need

filled up
car ride down
open the suv door not to kill a bike messenger

home in time to welcome Gerald in
listen to music
and go eat some Thai
here I am
I live here
some wandering (mmmm)
the Woody Allen movie
well, he's not my taste
but we them had a drink & nachos at Merchants on 7th
and I walked him to the door of the hotel
them headed down 8th
only to a beautiful hulk
or the perfect bear for me
who I've met before a few times
who's living with his parent in chelsea right now
thick grey chest hair
the perfect bear-boy
we kiss and talk and scratch and rub
massage eachother for a bit on the street

drug dealers trying to sell me Charley
some muscled guy
knows his area
but I am not his market
crumbling walking against 8th ave
of Montreal drowning away
I got home and now must melt entire

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Date:June 6th, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
Wow, your new look is making me think of Virginia Hey as Xaan on FarScape. Mystical and trippy.

Something about this photo made me say, "Vine is more beautiful than ever."

Hope you are enjoying Montreal. I love the veg restaurant over on St Denis...

Vertical Prose