dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Fwd: embouchure


> after I left you
> I walked across town to get on the 1 train at 7th ave
> but on 6th ave was an old black man playing trumpet
> it bounced around the emptying city
> all that angular cement...
> I gave him a dollar and change
> and talked with him a bit
> his stories of being in Macon Georgia working with Otis Redding
> living in "BrookLine" in a nice middle class neighborhood (before they let the Hispanics in, which brings the crime rate up)
> he said he was late
> should have been here in the afternoon, but...
> it was midnight
> he was starting and stopping
> pacing over the grating
> telling me his dental adhesive was causing trouble with his mouthpiece embouchure
> he talked longer than I felt like listening
> but listening is worth far more than pocket change...
> that what I've always tried to give street people
> just before I went underground at 7th & 50th
> I could still hear the trumpet bouncing around the walls of the city
> a train arrived right away
> and the girl I sat next to complimented me on two of the shirts I was wearing
> she was a gemini as well
> as I read a print out Tony gave me
> talking about how now was a great time to focus, discipline, manifest my true creative career
> and a an important part of that being allowing Mentorship
> and all this had to do with Pisces somehow...
> sleepy
> but thanks
> made it home warm
> and happy with the whole experience
> what a joyful day
> I will allow myself to sleep in this morning...
> .iP

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