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Vertical Prose

May 23rd, 2011

Fwd: embouchure @ 09:45 am


> after I left you
> I walked across town to get on the 1 train at 7th ave
> but on 6th ave was an old black man playing trumpet
> it bounced around the emptying city
> all that angular cement...
> I gave him a dollar and change
> and talked with him a bit
> his stories of being in Macon Georgia working with Otis Redding
> living in "BrookLine" in a nice middle class neighborhood (before they let the Hispanics in, which brings the crime rate up)
> he said he was late
> should have been here in the afternoon, but...
> it was midnight
> he was starting and stopping
> pacing over the grating
> telling me his dental adhesive was causing trouble with his mouthpiece embouchure
> he talked longer than I felt like listening
> but listening is worth far more than pocket change...
> that what I've always tried to give street people
> just before I went underground at 7th & 50th
> I could still hear the trumpet bouncing around the walls of the city
> a train arrived right away
> and the girl I sat next to complimented me on two of the shirts I was wearing
> she was a gemini as well
> as I read a print out Tony gave me
> talking about how now was a great time to focus, discipline, manifest my true creative career
> and a an important part of that being allowing Mentorship
> and all this had to do with Pisces somehow...
> sleepy
> but thanks
> made it home warm
> and happy with the whole experience
> what a joyful day
> I will allow myself to sleep in this morning...
> .iP
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Date:May 23rd, 2011 02:37 pm (UTC)

I know what you mean

about someone wanting to talk longer than I want to listen. I always try to remember that some people don't have the resources of friends and phones and emails and and and to talk to. So I try to keep my own busyness from shutting out his need for an ear to hear.

I also love what you said about the trumpet bouncing around the walls of the city. I can still hear in my mind's ear a time when I heard, and then soon saw a stumpy little Salvation Army lass, playing sweetly on her coronet "Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Hark how the angels sing..." And it was for just the barest second angels songs echoing off the walls of the new Jerusalem. "the Kingdom of God is at hand", someOne said, right? You just have to keep your eyes and ears and hearts open for it.

And I love the word "embouchure"- learned it in Jr.High- maybe you did too? Funny how it still comes up from time to time.

Glad you had a happy day. Thanks for giving me a happy morning now.
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Date:May 24th, 2011 12:43 am (UTC)

Re: I know what you mean

Dennis -
I thought your response to this entry was poetic and lovely. Made me feel good to read it.

Vertical Prose