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Vertical Prose

January 15th, 2011

optimism @ 03:31 pm

I just took a survey on 23andme.com about Optimism. i don't think of myself as Optimistic... I'm very critical and tend to focus on the faults of reality... but I scored as More Optimistic Than Average. I ended it by saying this:
odd concept. I came from a family with an expect-the-worst mentality and was a very depressed and pessimistic person til my late teenage years when i started experimenting with LSD and mushrooms. they helped me change all my belief structures... or so I credit them. can people willfully change their DNA? I've heard the fear LSD can cause genetic damage... mutation... can it also be used for reprogramming? I've not done it in about a decade now, but always credit it as having helped me
the results page had this to say: "A study from the journal Nature showed that activity in a part of your brain called the rostral anterior cingulate cortex is highly associated with general optimism. It is possible that this part of your brain integrates emotions and memories to create a positive attitude about future events."
so, can LSD open different pathways of our brain previously inaccessible to us?
of course I believe this to be true

I've had this conversation a few times recently
I often tell people
if they've never tried a psychedelic THEY SHOULD
all other drugs I can do without
and i certainly don't find it fun to do psychedelics often
but it's a life experience I would recommend to everyone

but maybe LSD isn't what caused my change
maybe it was yoga
maybe it was just the passing of time
I've seen similar positive change in the members of my family
and I still sometimes force the hand of positivity in my thinking
simply because I Know how detrimental being a worrywart is...

and maybe our genetics tie us in a dynamic way...
maybe as I change my DNA
it ripples back to my family
and the rest of the 7 billion bonobos I'm family with
the little struggles and failures we all suffer
supported by and bearing weight on the massive net of all our relations
since my psychedelic experiences, I've always felt the least and greatest of my actions affect the entirety of Life as I know it...
is this mechanism physical? psychic? delusional? dreaming...?

let's drink a toast to ecstatic evolution!
"One Day I am Gonna Grow Wings!..."
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Date:January 16th, 2011 02:50 am (UTC)

Your wings are showing....

my experimenting in the 60s and 70s changed me and I went back and subjected the changes on my friends and family and, although they fought change, they too changed, though some much less than others. I was the pariah and my experimenting emphasized that, but over the years, I actually became the focus of the family's praise as the smart one, the one with answers, the favored son, the wise older brother - and though I rarely speak of it to family, I am still positively affected by those mental journeys.
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Date:January 19th, 2011 03:51 am (UTC)


The times I've done LSD have always been enlightening. If I was never the same as I was before, it was because I had realized one thing...that ALL is ONE.

In this continuum of electronic particles, all we do affects everything...and changes...

Vertical Prose