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Vertical Prose

December 28th, 2010

Mercury is nearly at the peak of his arc--- @ 06:54 pm

Mercury is nearly at the peak of his arc---

today I've been overly communicative
I fear the rest of my life is when I have trouble with Mercury... but here it retrograde things are well for me
the money flow
the ease of interactions with family
the writing

or not
I have been pretty bitchy to two friends lately
but ...
that's nothing with how many crazy malfunctions I've been encountering in the city
and almost everyone I know has had some sort of cold

the fans failing on the tv screen panels in times square
this train to NJ
the PATH was down today
mwa mwa mwa

(the announcer has been making many conflicting announcements... and keeps telling people what doors to exit through, for instance: the doors in the middle of the car lead into the bathroom: you must exit through the ends of the car...)

Thursday, with Jove's kindness, will Mercury stand still... and return to his "forward" motion

the reason to know this
is compassion

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Date:December 29th, 2010 09:26 am (UTC)
My Radio partner is having problems with all of his vehicles. One even bombed out at the dump. This, after he declared himself my personal astrologer and told me not to do anything (especially go out of the house) until Mercury Retrograde is over.

Vertical Prose